State should serve people to save legitimacy

TEHRAN, Jan. 13 (MNA) –Iran’s Hassan Rouhani has said statesmen should know they gain their legitimacy from the will of people.

President Rouhani told reporters on Monday that providing public health insurance had been a dreamed-off ideal for country. He pointed to the significance of the nation and asserted that “no doubt that the country is run by the people’s will."

“Providing public health insurance where every citizen is covered by the umbrella of state’s indiscriminate coverage has been dreamed-off accomplishment which only few countries have managed,” he asserted, “supporting vulnerable social classes has been a prime objective and attractive slogan of the Revolution; this is a point our public has well understood, and we hope our statesmen would believe in, that country belongs to public and statesmen serve people and thus gaining their legitimacy in a position to rule on behalf of them,” Rouhani said, “and if they fail in their mission, which is to serve people honestly, they would lose their legitimacy.”

“The duty of the government is summarized as serving people to secure their support and satisfaction, which has many sources the most important of which is administration of justice, in the manner so as to give the feeling to public that they are treated as equals before laws of the state,” Mr. Rouhani emphasized.

Rouhani added that providing equal opportunities for all was the most representative example of the social justice; “public health insurance is only a part of justice; it would not suffice to restore public satisfaction and trust; however, it is an important part; unemployment and diseases are two social issues afflicting the public with suffering,” he added.

“To address the unemployment successfully would translate automatically into improvements in addressing diseases; however, treating a diseased society would restore the whole capabilities and talents of the individuals and help them to rely on their own personal efforts; the government should help the public in this great feat,” Rouhani admitted.





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