TEHRAN -- Secretary of the Expediency Council (EC) here yesterday said that the future of U.S.-Iran relations entails a change in the U.S. policies

He said "Governments of Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and Mohammad Khatami have been after a detente showing serious green lights to Americans, which were unheeded," he said, urging the government to rethink its "one-sided detente" with the U.S., according to the Mehr News Agency.
"Iran is showing too much leniency toward the United States and it seems it has to adopt a more effective policy and logic," he added. Rezaei called for an active role of Iran in the post-Saddam Iraq saying, "To achieve our national interests, Iran shall have a serious and effective presence in formation of the future Iraqi government and in its reconstruction."
Referring to implementation of the UN Resolution 598 on Iraqi-imposed war against Iran, the former general said the resolution shall be implemented with the formation of a legal and legitimate government in Iraq. "There shall be a legal and official government in Iraq to decide on the Iraq's oil and national resources so that based on diplomatic ties and a scheduled plan the grounds will be prepared for the full implementation of the resolution which has so far been partly enforced."
He held the U.S. administration responsible for the insecurity in Iran's border provinces since Iraq came under invasion saying Washington must pay war reparations to Iran. "Direct costs incurred on us after parts of our country were hit by missiles is not forgivable," he added, "I think the U.S. shall pay Iran $10 billion of war indemnities for the implications of its war on Iraq."
Rezaei went on to say that Iran will be vulnerable if it is deceived like Iraq and the decision-makers remain hesitant.
"If the officials duly adopt the right decisions, Americans will not achieve their targets in Iran through military means and pressures," he said.
SEC secretary also said the U.S. government will attack Syria and Iran after Afghanistan and Iraq.
"They are more serious in invading Syria because of its proximity to Lebanon and Palestine," Mohsen Rezaei told a press conference.
According to Rezaei, a former commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corpse with the rank of major general, Iraqi leadership and top brass officers were deceived by assurances by international organizations, Russia and France.
"If the Iraqis were not deceived and did not hesitate for a timely military build-up, U.S. forces would concede to a cease-fire in fear of a prolonged war and human casualties," he said. "The U.S. war on Iraq is over," he said, "But Americans shall bear in mind that they will face grave problems in ruling the Iraqi nation." Responding to a question on Iran's stand toward a likely U.S. attack on Syria, Rezaei said: "We shall wait for the decision of the UN Security Council. The decision makers will definitely pay attention to the difference between Iraq and Syria."

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