Far-rightists threat to democracy in multicultural societies

TEHRAN, Feb. 08 (MNA) – Commenting on anti-Islamic moves in Europe, a Turkish expert says the spreading trend especially in Europe and the US destroys tolerance among societies and, above all, democracy in multicultural western societies.

Once in a while, Muslims of the world witness some anti-Islam moves in some European countries such as the burning and desecration of the Quran, insulting action of the French magazine [Charlie Hebdo] in attacking religious sanctities and etc.

Some European governments like the French government, which usually considers itself a defender of freedom of speech, usually justify such insulting actions by citing them as examples of freedom of speech. 

To know more about the consequences of such hateful acts we reached out to Turkish researcher and expert, Dr. Deniz Caner. 

Here is the full text of the interview:

What is the purpose behind such anti-Islam moves angering millions of Muslims across the world?

In Europe which has become a center of immigration, far rights are on the rise. While a significant part of society expresses their dissatisfaction against this, some far-right provocative segments engage in behaviors that no religion, no ideology, and no social reality find their acts correct. However, it is necessary not to touch the nerve endings of societies that adhere to their religion. As a matter of fact, all religions are sacred to their own society, and others should have no other approach but to respect it.

Does democracy legitimize such moves?

There are dozens of religions and cultures worldwide, and communities adhere to these religions and fulfill their requirements. Even if a small group acts in accordance with their own beliefs, everyone should respect that. Whether one of these religions is in India or Islam, Christianity, or Judaism. All religions are sacred to their community and others should have no other approach but to respect it. This has nothing to do with freedom of thought and democracy. Looting and burning the books that a religion considers sacred is nothing more than disrespect to people and society. There is nothing to be tolerated in this regard. Countries should not allow this. In order to prevent such provocative behaviors, necessary measures should be taken legally by both countries and international institutions such as the UN, European Parliament, and various human rights organizations. Therefore, attacks on sacred values should not be considered as freedom of thought.

What can be the consequences of such moves for humanity?
Such actions should be considered a source of shame for humanity. An attempt is being made to create a generation or society that is increasingly irreligious, uncultured, not following the rules, focused entirely on their own personal pleasure, and violating the freedom of another person. This spreading trend especially in Europe and the USA destroys tolerance among societies and, above all, democracy. Instead of creating a coexistence of respect and tolerance, feelings of grudges and hatred are revived, and social peace cannot be built in societies in this way. Especially in multicultural and multi-ethnic western societies. 

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