"I learned patience, sacrifice by working at MAHAK"

TEHRAN, Dec. 12 (MNA) – Nursing is a combination of knowledge; skills; empathy; strength; high decision-making ability; and management, the head nurse of MAHAK Pediatric Cancer Treatment and Research Center said on the occasion of National Nurse Day.

“When I decided to be a nurse, I had no idea about different aspects of this job. I just knew that I could help others and gain different experiences by working in this field. In fact, this career was the best opportunity through which I could support my fellow beings",  said Masoumeh Soleiman the head nurse of MAHAK Pediatric Cancer Treatment and Research Center.

She has been the supportive companion of MAHAK children in their treatment process and has never refrained from this responsibility even after being diagnosed with cancer.

She was acquainted with MAHAK in 2003 while it was only a residential center for cancer-stricken children and their families and not a hospital yet.

In this vein, Soleimani stated,  “18 years ago, while I was working at Infants Ward at another Hospital, I realized that MAHAK's residential center was recruiting nurses. I did not know much about that residential and rehabilitation center at that time; however, I referred to the place, got employed, and joined the ever-growing family of MAHAK.”

Regarding her first interaction with MAHAK children, Soleiman stated, “At my first interaction with cancer-stricken children, I felt a feeling of great sorrow in my heart which is indescribable. Seeing parents who have sick children was a great challenge for me. I asked myself: ‘What can I do for them in addition to taking care of their children?’ This new work experience was contrary to my previous one since at Infants Ward there were no such challenges and I experienced happiness by seeing the thrilled parents.

At MAHAK, however, I did my best to empathize with parents besides taking care of their cancer-stricken children. On my first day at MAHAK, I asked myself: ‘Can I continue this path?’ As time passed, I learned how to make a good company for children and their families at MAHAK. Time passed in the same way until the day I realized that I had cancer."

Mentioning her cancer journey days, she stated, "During my treatment days and after survival, I came to the belief that accompanying cancer-stricken children is my mission. I had felt the pain and suffering caused by cancer and could understand MAHAK children perfectly well. Experiencing cancer caused me to enjoy giving services to cancer-stricken children more than in the past. Working at MAHAK taught me patience and sacrifice."

Revisiting some of her good memories of working at MAHAK, she said, "I have had a lot of nice memorable times at MAHAK, too. For instance, on my first days at the residential center, there was a boy called Mehran who was suffering from Osteosarcoma. He came to visit me at MAHAK along with his wife while he had survived cancer. I feel happy whenever I remember the moment of meeting him.”

Soleiman has great experience as a caregiver to cancer-stricken children. Regarding the importance of nurses' behavior towards the families of children with cancer, she mentioned, "Cancer is a hard disease which involves the whole family. In addition, the imposed psychological pressure on the families puts them in a very special condition. Therefore, with the guidance of social workers and psychologists, nurses should be very supportive and should behave discreetly. Accordingly, the families trust nurses and follow what they say during the treatment."

Wishing a happy national nurses day for all her colleagues, she added, “Nursing is a combination of knowledge; skills; empathy; strength; high decision-making ability; and management. Nursing means love for all God’s creatures. I wish health and prosperity for all nurses so that they can accomplish their mission in the best way.” 


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