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How to Buy Dates from Iran?

TEHRAN, Aug. 01 (MNA) – The oldest Iranian tree is the date palm; a valuable tree has grown along with the Iranian people, which they have benefited from for many years and centuries.

Iranian Dates

Many people in south Iran are familiar with this tree and valuable date fruit and have realized its importance. With science advancement and people's awareness in other parts of the world about the magical benefits and unique properties, and pleasant taste of this product, the production and reproduction of dates in Iran have increased.

Undoubtedly, Iran is one of the countries with the most variety of dates in the world. According to each region's climate and environmental conditions, dates grow with different flavors, colors, and sizes that can be pleasant for all tastes of lovers of this unique product. Many people have been fascinated by dates after trying them for the first time and have become regular consumers. Iran is now the second-largest producer of this product globally.

Currently, 12 provinces of Iran, primarily located in the southern half of Iran, have planted dates due to the climate of these areas. In today's industrial world, where most people worldwide care about their health and hate chemicals and synthetics, they are looking for products that provide nutrients and minerals to their bodies while being natural, healthy and tasty. Therefore, traditional views on how to plant this product, its packaging and trade in the world have changed. This product is cultivated in many southern provinces of Iran in engineering and scientific ways (scientific methods). It has turned into an all-encompassing strategic and customer-friendly product around the world.

How to Buy Dates from Iran?

Dates Export

Dates seller and exporter companies have taken steps to improve the quality of produced dates and increase their volume by creating cold storage suitable for storing conditions in dates production areas and giving the necessary training to farmers. Various studies on different types of dates are still ongoing to improve the quality of these products. In the significant date-producing provinces of Iran, many jobs have been created for producing, packaging and exporting dates.

Supplying Sayer Dates and its Products 

Khuzestan province is one of the leading dates bases in Iran, and the highest number of dates cultivated in this province is devoted to Sayer Dates or Esta’meran Dates. Dates with good taste, reasonable price, easy storage conditions and the possibility of use in the food processing industry are options on which selling and exporting dates companies have accounted primarily. Due to the advancement of packaging machine technology, it is possible to pit, chip and paste dates with the highest quality globally and different weights according to international standards in Iran.

How to Buy Dates from Iran?

Mazafati Dates Supply 

This diversity in Iranian dates does not end here. We can see various dates and products from one region to another. One of the most delectable dates of Iran, named Mazafati Dates, is cultivated in Kerman province and Bam city. Bam Mazafati Dates, known to some people as Rotab Mazafati or Bam Dates or fresh dates, are full of energy and nutrients for most groups in society from old to young and all age groups. We dare say that this product is cultivated only in this wilderness and particular region globally, so that it caused Bam Dates to be another name for Mazafati Dates.

Foreign customers have realized the high export value of Mazafati Dates. So, they enter into a contract with the main Iranian dates exporting companies and dates producers (Mazafati Dates) during the year and before the harvest of these products. They pre-purchase Mazafati Dates in high tonnage to respond to customers’ demands with a competitive price and a suitable distribution plan throughout the year. In recent years, some date producer companies have surveyed their target markets and proceed to design and package Mazafati Dates in various sizes and weights to cover all groups and tastes of society.

Dates Packaging and Buy

Supplying dates are performed in reputable companies all over Iran, which are located in all parts of this country and provide the best and highest quality dates type to the people. These wholesale companies of Mazafati Dates and Sayer Dates have many responsibilities towards their customers with standard transportation. These responsibilities include delivering the requested product of the customer safe and without any damage to the products.

For this reason, by observing the necessary standards, including supplying these products in sealed and durable packaging, they prevent any severe damage to these products during transportation. Customers worldwide can contact these companies to make their purchases in bulk or retail according to their needs and ensure that Iranian dates, such as Mazafati Dates and Sayer Dates, are the tastiest and highest quality types of Iranian dates.


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