Rouhani details his admin's record in fighting Covid-19

TEHRAN, Jul. 31 (MNA) – Speaking on Saturday at the last meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus in the Twelfth Government, President Rouhani detailed his administration's record in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking on Saturday at the last meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus in the Twelfth Government, Hassan Rouhani said, "In 78 meetings, we passed 573 resolutions, all of which were announced, and we have always tried to ensure that all resolutions are completely and accurately executive and operational".

Rouhani described the National Task Force Against Coronavirus the highest decision-making body for managing the disease and added, "The National Task Force Against Coronavirus is a decision-making body that was established with the approval of the Supreme National Security Council and the approval of the Leader".

Emphasising that the decisions of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus have always been based on collective wisdom, the President said, "The support of the grand maraji in this regard also helped to implement the instructions".

Referring to the meetings of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus with the participation of all provincial governors and heads of medical universities across the country in the form of video conferences,  Rouhani added, "These meetings and nationwide communications helped a lot in coordination for fighting the disease".

Rouhani thanked all those who attended the meetings of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus and Specialised Committees of the task force, and stated, "The decisions of this task force were always based on the collective wisdom and reviewed and finalized in several stages in an expert process ".

"From the very beginning of the outbreak of coronavirus in the country, we had to rely on our own domestic strength," he said, adding, "There was no help for Iran, so we had to rely solely on our own domestic resources to provide all the equipment and medicines we needed".

Rouhani continued, "All organs from the Ministry of Health to the Ministry of Industry and knowledge-based companies came on stage and we were able to meet all the needs inside the country in a common effort. The Armed Forces, the parliament, the judiciary, as well as the IRIB, played a major role in this process".

Explaining the problems in fighting the outbreak of coronavirus, Rouhani said, "One of the most important problems in this regard was the creation of dualities in various issues. The first duality was the duality of science and religion, which was also very dangerous, and few tried to put religious teachings against scientific teachings in the way of fighting coronavirus. The  Leader and the maraji (religious scholars) and scholars helped a lot in eliminating this duality".

Referring to the closure of schools and universities during the outbreak of coronavirus, the president said, "Despite the closure of face-to-face education, cyberspace and the IRIB have helped prevent the education of millions of students from stopping".

The President further mentioned providing and injecting vaccines as one of the achievements of the 12th Government and said, "Preventing the effects of these dualities and the self-sacrifice of the medical staff during all this time that has passed since the outbreak of COVID-19 are other highlights of the government's work".

The President also pointed out that the government did its best to support those affected by coronavirus, saying, "I must also thank and appreciate the faithful help at various times. The Twelfth Government did its best to combat coronavirus, and the National Task Force Against Coronavirus in the 13th Government will continue to work to combat and control this disease".


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