Vaezi censures US move against Press TV, Al-Alam websites

TEHRAN, Jun. 23 (MNA) – Iranian President's Chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi has condemned the US government's double standards and its latest move against Press TV, Al-Alam websites as a violation of freedom of expression.

Speaking on the sidelines of Wednesday's cabinet meeting, President's Chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi condemned the last night's US seizure of domains of Iranian outlets as against the principles of freedom of expression.

Vaezi said that "If there are similar cases in Iran, we will deal similarly and use legal tools in retaliation."

Regarding the US Department of Justice's action in blocking the websites of Arabic-Language Al-Alam, English-Language Press TV, Al-Kawthar TV and other websites affiliated with Resistance forces in the Middle East region, the Iranian president's chief of staff said, "I think this US action is against human rights and restricts freedom of expression. This is exactly what Americans and Westerners brag about." This happened, he continued, despite the US and Western governments' claims on "being the advocates of freedom of expression and respect for human rights."

He added, "They always have double standards, meaning that they observe the issue if they themselves and their friends are involved, but when it comes to other countries and Islamic countries, they have a hypocritical and discriminatory approach."

"Accordingly, in our opinion, what has happened is immoral and illegal."

He added that Iran will pursue the issue in relevant international bodies, citing the reaction of Iran's ambassador to the United Nations in New York this morning as an example of Iran's reactions in this regard.

"To the Iranian government, this action is utterly condemned, and we will definitely follow up on the issue and retaliate what concerns us," Vaezi further underlined.


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