Recent conflict illustrates isreal's growing weakness

TEHRAN, May 21 (MNA) – Commenting on the recent failure of the Israeli regime in face of Palestinian Resistance groups Brian Berletic says recent events show the growing weakness of the Israeli regime and its western allies in the region.

After a week of Conflict between the Israeli regime and Palestinians , the regime was forced to accept a ceasefire which means a victory for the Resistance. 
Following the victory thousands of Palestinian took to the streets in different parts of the world and the region to celebrate it. 

We discussed the issue with Brian Berletic, an American geopolitical researcher. 

Here is the full text of our interview with him:

How different was this conflict from the previous ones?

Israel began as an Anglo-American project to help balkanize and reassert Western control over the Middle East in the wake of the World Wars. As Western influence over the region has waned in recent years, so has the influence and capabilities of its regional allies - including Israel. 

This conflict was one of several recent events illustrating that growing weakness which - in many ways - was exposed very significantly in 2006 in Israel's war on Lebanon and its loss to Hezbollah. What may have made this particular conflict different was the inability for the West to monopolize and dominate the global media narrative - with Israel's long and carefully hidden brutality finally and fully exposed for the whole world to see. 

What are the elements behind this Resistance's victory, particularly Iran's role?

I believe several factors combined ranging from Israel and its Western sponsors' growing weakness, the resistance's growing unity and capabilities, and of course the continued commitment to the resistance from nations like Iran who have steadily filled the vacuum US meddling and now its waning presence in the region has created.  

Considering the new facts on the ground, how do you see the future of the "Deal of Century" and particularly the Zionists plans to redraw the map of the region to the geopolitical interest of the West?

The current regime heading Israel's government is working on borrowed time. Its policy of maximum brutality and its dependence on Western corporate media monopolies within wider Western plans for the region have been laid bare as dead ends that do not serve even the average Israeli's best interests. The possibility of a genuine solution that will once again see Jews and Muslims living side-by-side as they had once done across the Middle East before post-war Anglo-American interference may begin to take shape. It will require patience and persistence both for the resistance and its backers, but also for many in Israel itself who do not support the policies and brutality of the current regime and would like to see genuine reconciliation in the future. 

Interview by Payman Yazdani 

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