If SA not stop aggression, Sanaa to expand attacks

TEHRAN, Mar. 11 (MNA) – The deputy spokesman for Yemeni Army said that if Saudi Arabia does not stop aggressing against Yemeni people, Sana’a will expand its attacks on Saudi Arabia.

Deputy Spokesman of the Yemeni Armed Forces Colonel Aziz Rashid emphasized that the Yemeni forces will certainly continue their attacks deep into Saudi Arabia.

In an interview with ‘Alnashrah’, General Rashid said that the attacks would continue until Saudi Arabia stopped its aggression and ended the siege of Yemeni people.

He reiterated that Saudi Arabia would not be safe from Yemeni attacks on this country, stating that with these attacks, Yemeni forces are seeking to send a message to Riyadh.

The Yemeni commander clarified about these messages that Yemeni army today can expand its attacks deep in Saudi Arabia with authority and reach wherever it wants.

He said that even Western and American air defenses would not be able to repel the attacks and that Yemeni forces would have surprises for the enemy.

"The military message that Yemeni Army wants to send is to tell Saudi Arabia that if you continue to occupy and besiege Yemen, from today on, neither the Patriots nor the Black Hawks will be able to secure Riyadh,” General Rashid emphasized.

"Neither the United States, nor Israel, nor the West can bring victory to Saudi Arabia, because their strategic weapons could not counter the warlike will of Yemeni army and popular committees,” he added.

Rashid said that 85% of light, semi-heavy and heavy weapons are produced in Yemeni Ministry of Defense, adding that ten generations of ballistic missiles, seven generations of UAVs and three generations of air defense have enabled Yemen to resist for more than seven years.


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