Leader's remarks indication of Iran's decisive policy

TEHRAN, Feb. 08 (MNA) – Yesterday's statements of the Islamic Revolution Leader and the expression of the positions that we call decisive policy, are the continuation of his orders over the past few weeks.

It was a few weeks ago that he strongly stated that Iran would return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action if the sanctions were lifted. In the interval between these two speeches, of course, Westerners had positions that should rightly be called rhetorical.

French President Emmanuel Macron said in a statement that in the new round of talks, Saudi Arabia should also join the negotiators. However, this position is not accepted by Iran at all. The nature of Saudi Arabia, its crimes in Yemen, and Riyadh's hostile treatment of Tehran are clear to us. On the other hand, some officials of the new US administration, including the US Secretary of State, have stated in some positions that Iran should first return to its obligations and then the issue of returning to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, will be considered by the US.

On the other hand, three countries, Germany, France and Britain, issued a statement calling for Iran to return to its commitment. In addition, Netanyahu and other Zionist regime officials claimed that they would attack Iran in the event of a possible return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Naturally, given these statements and stances, the expectation of the Iranian people, as well as some foreign observers, was that the Islamic Republic would take a firm stand. The words of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution yesterday are exactly the same as the decisive policy expressed by Iran. In his remarks yesterday, he used the term negligence, referring to rhetoric from Westerners and US officials. These statements were a strong response to the statements and rhetoric of Western officials. The Supreme Leader of the Revolution strongly stated that the sanctions should be lifted and that the lifting of the sanctions should be verified by Iran and then the Islamic Republic will return to its obligations.

The Americans left JCPOA without any logic, and the Europeans disregarded their JCPOA commitments. In the face of such behavior, Iran had the right to reduce its obligations under the agreement within the framework of JCPOA. This downward trend will continue as long as the issue of lifting sanctions remains in place. The decisive policy of the leadership is exactly in line with the existing realities of the world of politics and has the necessary clarity and transparency. The continuation of this trend also depends entirely on the approaches of the West and the United States. European countries and the United States must refrain from rhetoric, as well as negligence, and explicitly declare that they will live up to their commitments and lift sanctions. Only then can a definite conclusion be reached about JCPOA.


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