Director Leone hails medical staff in combating COVID-19

TEHRAN, Oct. 03 (MNA) – Director of " Fragile", Emiliano Leone hailed medical staff for saving people lives during Coronavirus.

Following is the full text of interview with him:

Please tell us about your film. How and why you made it? 

When Max Nardari (author of the song "Fragile", co-director and co-producer) contacted me to talk about how to make the video he was desperate because at that time we were in the midst of the pandemic and it was impossible to shoot videos with actors, workers etc... because of the quarantine. I thought it was worth taking advantage of this "break" time to do something good and I proposed to make the video in animation. The proposal was accepted with enthusiasm and for this I thank my friend Max for having believed in me. We started immediately! No actor, no location, all in 3D to photograph this historic period with the enormous work that has been done by medical personnel around the planet. I tried to freeze the emotions experienced in those moments of uncertainty.

The video starts with the planet that looks strange, ugly, macabre, then the bat that wanders through a dark and rainy city, this is to symbolize the jump of disease species. Then the soldiers arrive in the rainy city, because the perceived feeling at that time was to be at war.

Some part of the video is characterized by two moments. In the first part it is all dark and rainy and you feel the feeling of discomfort, in the final part finally comes hope. A ray of sunshine, the "Stay Home." sign and above all the reconciliation between man and planet that comes back to life becoming green and flourishing.

I decided to use two worlds, one at the beginning of the video and one at the end of the video, symbolizes change. The world that comes back to life is a new world, nothing will be like before.

Which fact was the primary motivation for you to make a film related to the Coronavirus pandemic and doctors' and nurses' efforts as pioneers in defending people's health? 

At that moment everyone from their home, we saw people die and lose their loved ones. The pandemic spared no one. Seeing all those doctors who worked nonstop because they wanted to save everyone, that really moved me. The medical staff responded with so much love and dedication, many have paid with their lives. Max and I thought we should dedicate the video to these wonderful people who gave without expecting anything in return.

What is the most noticeable or memorable thing regarding the process of making this film during a pandemic? 

The most memorable thing for me was making the video from my home studio. Being a freelancer fortunately I am used to working from my home but in this case, it was not easy also because my children were teaching at a distance and so I could only devote myself to work in the afternoon. At the time when everything was still happening and the pandemic was at its peak I wanted to give several signs of hope, the man who throws himself out of the palace, could initially make think of a gesture of despair when instead you open a beautiful colorful parachute that makes it fly with others and in the background the sign of the Hotel Becomes HOPE. And then the sign "Stay Home Stay Lives" is torn and remains the inscription "LOVE" to symbolize how much love our doctors have dedicated us and how much we must love our planet more.‌

The scene that moved me the most as I was making it was that of the close-up of the doctor who cries when she sees the child safe and sound. I really wanted this scene because it has a very important meaning. The doctor was busy saving lives but could not devote himself to their affections and in the video, you see that at a certain point the child (son) risked getting lost.

What subject would you choose if you want to make another film about the pandemic after controlling this virus's spread? 

Honestly, I don’t know, what I do know is that doing it now would definitely not be the same for me. During the pandemic the emotions that I lived were very intense and I tried to transfer them on my animations.

Let us be a little reminiscent as the last question; If you had a choice to choose only one person to watch your film in the cinema, who will be your choice? And Who do you want to give your film as a gift?

I wish my father could have seen it, but unfortunately, he flew to heaven ten years ago. I’m sure he would have liked it and would have said, I’ve seen worse.


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