Vandalizing national monuments, statues by protesters shows US' decline: Ayatollah Jannati

TEHRAN, Jun. 24 (MNA) – The Chairman of Assembly of Experts Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati said on Wednesday that the cruel murder of the African Americans in the US is another symbol for the American human rights etiquette and toppling down the statues and damaging the national monuments during the recent protest in the country is a sign for the decline of the USA.

"Various US administrations have conducted anti-human crimes examples of which are what Americans did in Vietnam, Hiroshima, Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria," he said adding the assassination of Lt. Gen, Qassem Soleimani under the direct order of the US President Trump.

Nationwide protests have hit the US over the brutal killing of an African American by a white Police back in May. Floyd, 46, was arrested for allegedly using counterfeit money at a store to buy cigarettes.

George Floyd’s death, a poignant reminder of repeated unjustifiable killings of members of the African-American community by the US police, has been followed by protests across the country.

Curfews instituted around the US in various cities including Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia as mass demonstrations broke out nationwide and cities braced for another night of protests.

Protestors in central Seattle created an "autonomous zone" two weeks ago, sparking outrage among conservatives.

President Donald Trump delivered a strong warning on June 23 to protestors in Washington, vowing to use force if they tried to create a police-free "autonomous zone" in the US capital.

In a series of tweets that earned the US leader his own warning from Twitter for "abusive behavior," Trump also threatened stiff prison sentences for "anarchists" who damage national monuments during a wave of nationwide demonstrations.

The International Human Rights Committee has condemned violence against African Americans, following the brutal murder of George Floyd, an American citizen, by the US cop.


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