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Saudi ceasefire aims at diverting public opinion: Yemen Ansarullah

Saudi ceasefire aims at diverting public opinion: Yemen Ansarullah

TEHRAN, Apr. 12 (MNA) – Spokesman for Yemen's Ansarullah Movement Mohammed Abdul-Salam announced that the Saudi-led coalition has intensified its airstrikes and ground attacks in Yemen.

“The ceasefire declared by the Saudi-led coalition aims at diverting public opinion and they have intensified their air and ground attacks in Yemen.” He said.

“If there was a slight desire for peace, the Security Council would issue a resolution to end this futile war and brutal siege. A worthless statement from the coalition is not sufficient.” The Spokesman emphasized.

The official spokesman for the Saudi-Emiratis coalition Turki al-Maliki claimed on Wednesday that a ceasefire will be held in Yemen for two weeks (from April 9th) due to the fight against coronavirus. According to al-Maliki, the ceasefire could be extended between the resigned Yemeni government and the Sanaa government "with the aim of providing the right conditions for inviting the UN Secretary-General's envoy to convene a meeting".

Meanwhile, analysts maintain that the Saudi ceasefire is declared when Ansarullah is close to liberating the strategic province of Marib which is also known as the heart of Yemen. That is why Ansarullah is suspicious about this issue and believes that this is just a move to stop the revolutionaries. Despite announcing a two-week ceasefire, the Saudi coalition soon showed that this was just propaganda. If reality, the coalition is striving to strengthen its forces to counter Ansarullah.

Riyadh is concerned about the possible liberation of Al-Jawf and Marib provinces. In this happens, ending the Saudi-Emiratis aggression in Yemen will be more probable. This is why Riyadh seeks to strengthen its forces and prevent the taking back of Marib by declaring a ceasefire.

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