Rouhani lauds people’s vigilance in foiling enemies’ plots

TEHRAN, Nov. 20 (MNA) – President Hassan Rouhani lauded the Iranian nation’s unity in thwarting enemies’ most recent plot, which was aimed at undermining the country’s security under the disguise of fuel price hike protests.

"Today, I want to thank the great Iranian nation for its vigilance and bow before them because of their patience and timeliness,” Rouhani said at the cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

“The people of Iran passed another historic test and proved that despite economic problems and discontent they may have with the management of the country, they will never let enemies to take advantage of the situation,” he added.

Noting that the government wants the lower-income classes take advantage of the fuel subsidies more than those who do not need it, he said, "The goal was to pay an amount to 18 million lower-income and middle-class households.”

Rouhani said, "In these incidents, people proved that they know the conspiracies of the enemies and terrorists, and are not deceived by them.”

“The number of people who had taken to the streets was determined and it turned out that only a few hooligans were among them; but the hooligans were well organized and armed, acting on behalf of the regional reactionaries, the Zionists and Americans,” he said.

The president added, "As the Leader said, our people have foiled the enemies’ plots in face of different incidents, and they became victorious in the recent plots that the enemies had hatched.”

"Despite the enemies’ pressures this year and last year, people showed that they are sensitive towards their national interests and security, as well as their integrity and solidarity,” he said.

It turned out that the Iranian nation’s enemies have hired mercenaries to inflict damages on people’s lives and livelihood, and they did not even show mercy towards children, he said, adding, "This shows that this small group have acted against the country, homeland and national interests”.

“The Iranian nation always show the world their vigilance, unity and solidarity with the entire state, and we should always give ear to people’s criticisms,” he continued.

Appreciating the people of Iran and the Supreme Leader, he said, "The Leader guided people and unveiled the truth with his wise remarks. The government will continue to cooperate and consult with the other two branches in important affairs.”

Rouhani also went on to appreciate the efforts of the Ministry of Interior, governor generals, governors and ministries that have been working hard to serve people.

“Our country’s devoted forces showed that they do not hesitate to sacrifice their lives for the security and protecting people’s properties and peace,” he said.

Rouhani stressed that "we should act decisively against mercenaries who act against our security so that our country moves towards excellence and development and security.”


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