Dr. Bijan Zamani talks about an easier way to find a doctor

TEHRAN, Jun. 11 (MNA) – Dr. Bijan Zamani is founder of MihanPezeshk, which he created in 2011 after he struggled to find a good doctor and became convinced that a better healthcare system is possible. He has extensive experience in the healthcare-technology nexus, medical marketing and advertising, web commerce and management.

Prior to MihanPezeshk, Dr. Bijan Zamani worked on more than ten other startups that he created during his study for Computer Engineering degree in London, England. Later he decided to become a doctor himself and started studying General Medicine as his second degree in University.

In 2004, Zamani founded his first business, a web portal startup which was successful and won the 1st Iran Web Festival prize later that year.

We will talk with Dr. Bijan Zamani and talk about the startup future, opportunities in Iran and if he has any recommendation to the young Iranian entrepreneurs.

What are you working on right now?

We are focused on providing better access to healthcare by giving patients the ability to find doctors and book appointments online through MihanPezeshk. I also spend a lot of my time recruiting the best people to join our team.

Where did the idea for MihanPezeshk come from?

After seeing Iranian people still using paper magazines and newspapers to find a doctor with no additional information like the working hours, photos, articles, list of services and etc. it came to my mind that what if there was a website where people could find all the doctors in their city, see their information, make an appointment or even have an online consultant. At that point the idea of making MihanPezeshk came to my mind.

Did this project actually made it easier for find a doctor?

According to our research 60% of people in Iran who actually know a doctor through friends and family don’t know exactly their working days and hours and even exact location. More than 90% of people who want to visit a dentist or undergo a plastic surgery or any cosmetic procedures they want to see the doctor’s information, reviews and photos. Now at MihanPezeshk where all these information for each doctor is available the amount of time needed to find and choose a doctor has decreased and it has become much easier by 70% to find a doctor.

Can you explain for our readers the features of MihanPezeshk?

Basically MihanPezeshk is an online platform that helps people to find a doctor in their city. Doctors and medical related organizations can sign up and have their own page. In their page they can provide patients their address, telephone numbers, working days and hours, list of services, biography and description of their work and education. Doctors can upload photos and videos of their work or workplace. In addition to these in they can activate their online appointment service and online consultant service where patients can make an appointment or have an online consultant with the doctors without leaving their home. Patients can use the services that each doctor provide in their page. Patients can also use the Questions service to ask a general or specific question from all the doctors in the MihanPezeshk network.

Does MihanPezeshk has any competitors?

Of course, just like every other businesses the competitors are part of the game. I think it is good to have competitors because the level of features and services will be increase.

What was the worst job you ever had and what did you learn from it?

Every opportunity I’ve had has taught me something. Not every situation has been perfect, and one lesson I’ve taken with me is that one great individual can do a lot, but a great team can accomplish almost anything.

What are your plans for future and do you have any other projects?

I plan to provide better and more services in every single project that I have created. I have two more startups coming up in 2020. I’m also planning to make tutorial videos for young entrepreneurs in Iran and hold exhibitions to ensure our next generation will get the best help.

As an entrepreneur, what is the one thing you do over and over and recommend everyone else do?

The type of person who wants to start a company is often the type of person who has lots of creative ideas. It’s tempting to try to do everything right away, but companies that lose focus often fail. It’s so easy to get distracted with other opportunities. Devote all of your talent and time to building and scaling your core business before you move on to the next great idea.


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