Enforcing Tehran-Baghdad agreements a valuable step in deepening ties

TEHRAN, May 06 (MNA) – In a telephone conversation with Iraqi President Mon., Iranian President Rouhani said that executing Tehran-Baghdad agreements is a valuable step in development of relations between the two countries, stressing that attempting to further deepen these ties is what both Iranian and Iraqi nations want.

According to the official website of Iranian Presidency, President Hassan Rouhani held a telephone conversation with the President of Iraq Barham Salih on Monday evening, during which Rouhani said "we are seriously seeking to develop our friendly relations with Iraq."

Congratulating Ramadan month to the Iraqi President, government and nation, he said "the two countries have similar points of view regarding critical regional and international issues, and I hope we can further deepen ties through more cooperation."

He also referred to the attacks of the Zionist Regime on Gaza, saying "these acts of aggression of the Zionist Regime are happening every day and it is essential that Islamic countries become more active in this field and prevent these acts."

On the United States' destabilising actions in the region, including making problems for Iran's oil exports, Rouhani said "all regional countries need to understand the current critical conditions and cooperate with each other to stop US' bullying aimed at creating instability in the region."

"These destabilizing actions of the US in the region will undoubtedly be detrimental to the peoples of the region, and even the American people" said the Iranian president.

During the phone call, the President of Iraq also congratulated the arrival of Ramadan month and said "relations between Iran and Iraq are based on strong historical and cultural pillars and the common interests of the two nations and we are determined to develop these relations."

He said "we are attempting to improve bilateral relations based on the good agreements made between the two countries to serve our nations."

Barham Salih also described the current conditions of the region a matter of concern, adding "we have voiced our stances about regional issues clearly. Iraq is against any tensions in the region and we will never accept the smallest harm to the people of our Muslim and brotherly neighbour, Iran."

The Iraqi President went on to say that the stances of Iran and Iraq towards Palestine are the same saying "as the leaders of Islamic countries, our duty is to help the oppressed people of Palestine and end the Zionist Regime's acts of aggression."


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