US hostile military activities in Iraq

TEHRAN, May 01 (MNA) – It seems that US hostile military operations and futile activities in Iraq is not going to end anytime soon. US troops recently launched a new aggressive military operation in Iraq by attacking the headquarters of Iraq security forces in Kirkuk.

US has not made any official response yet regarding the attack. What is obvious though, is that such an attack undermines Iraq national authority and violates the country’s territorial integrity. US officials, on the other hand, seem to be completely aware that there is no way they can justify their action to political and military officials of Iraq. 

US hostile activities have stirred up a variety of reactions in Iraq. 

 ‘US move an overt act of aggression against Iraq’

Fazil Fatlawi, a member of Iraqi Parliament, condemned US aggressive attack in Kirkuk, saying “by doing this operation, US has committed an overt act of aggression against Iraq,” adding that “Abdul-Mahdi, the Iraqi prime minister should respond strongly and forcefully”. 

Fatlawi added that US air strike against Iraqi armed forces was preplanned, so the Parliament should run an emergency session to analyze the threats made to Iraq’s national authority and to pass a law so that US and other foreign military forces are completely expelled from the country.

Meanwhile, Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq group also published a statement and condemned the US military attack in Kirkuk which left one dead and two injured. 

According to the statement, the US recent move clearly shows that US has deployed military and combat forces in Iraq, rather than technical and consultative groups. Moreover, it reveals that US forces are acting according to their own decision and preference rather than making joint decisions with Iraqi forces. Here, the important question is whether the US military forces are subject to Iraq law, or US law?

First of all, US is clearly unhappy with Iraq having strong armed forces in post-ISIS era and is trying to unleash its anger by taking hostile military measures against Iraq national forces who are supported by all different parties and people of the country. 
By undermining Iraqi military forces, the US aims to prepare the ground for the reemergence of Takfiri terrorists in Iraq, so that US can once again use these terrorists as its own subordinate soldiers in Iraq and will also justify its own military presence in the country.

US unhappy with Iran, Iraq enhancing relations 

Furthermore, by stirring up turmoil in Iraq, US is trying to show its anger toward Baghdad officials for not inhibiting the influence of Iran in the country. 

Iraq senior officials, however, has repeatedly announced that expanding relations with Iran is of great importance to them. 

Recently, Abdul-Mahdi, the Iraqi prime minister announced that it is necessary for Iraq to have good relations with Iran. In his journey to Tehran, he headed a high-level delegation and the two countries signed a number of Memorandums of Understanding (MOU). Such relations, however, seem to have unsatisfied US senior officials. 

Subsequently, US is not only trying to diminish Iraqi military strength, but it also seeks to put obstacles in the way of Tehran, Baghdad relations and reduces Iran’s influence in Iraq. 

In fact, such destructive measures are only a beginning to the series of activities taken by US to wage war against Iraq strategic allies such as Iran. Such hostile actions are simply against all diplomatic rules and regulations, but US is taking them anyway as it intends to use Iraq as a field for its own international confrontations. 
Earlier on, US top officials had announced that they are against the expansion of ties between Baghdad and Tehran. US President, Donald Trump has also announced that they are unsatisfied with Iran’s influence in Iran, adding that watching Iran’s activities is among the main reasons why US troops are still in Iraq. 

Trump remarks even caused a reaction from Ayatollah Sistani, the Iranian Shia Marja in Iraq. In his meeting with Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, the United Nations special representative for Iraq, Ayatollah Sistani announced that “Iraq is not at a place to bring harms to any other countries.” 

“Iraq is aiming to have friendly, well-balanced and equal relationships with all other peaceful nations based on mutual benefit and without intervening in their internal affairs or trying to disrupt their integrity or national sovereignty,” he further remarked.

 Iraqi coalitions ask US troops to be expelled

US activities against Iraq and its allies, such as Iran, has caused many coalitions in Iraq to ask for expelling US troops from Iraq. 

Meanwhile, the Reform and Reconstruction Alliance in Iraq Parliament condemned Washington destructive activities in Iraq, saying that “US is acting as if Iraq is one of its states, so it seems necessary for the Parliament to hold an urgent meeting to stop US activities in threatening Iraq national sovereignty.”

The Fatah Alliance also released a statement, saying that US activities in Iraq are in clear violation of diplomatic rules and regulations and are rooted in the fact that US administration assumes superiority over Iraq government. 

To all reasons above, it seems more than clear that US recent moves in disturbing peace and security in Iraq has stirred reactions from all different groups and entities in Iraq and could be the beginning of expelling US forces from the country. 


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