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Most delicious Persian food: an introduction for foreign tourists

Most delicious Persian food: an introduction for foreign tourists

TEHRAN, Dec. 11 (MNA) – Iran is a country with a very rich civilization and culture, with different ethnicity that have special types of foods depending on where they live.

For example, in the northern and southern parts of Iran, due to its proximity to Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf, a variety of foods prepared with fish is abundant, or the northwestern parts of Iran have special kinds of foods such as Kofteh (meatballs) and Dolmeh (stuffed grave leaves) that can be matched with the culture and climatic conditions of this area. This paper attempts to examine a variety of famous Persian foods that are related to the different places in Iran. Come with us.

Ghormeh sabzi (Persian herbs stew)

Ghormeh sabzi is one of the most famous foods in Iran, which everyone knows about its recipe. In this food, beef, onion, red beans, dried lemon and herbs are used; herbs, including spinach, fenugreek, leek, parsley, and coriander, play a very important role in making this food delicious. The food is served with Iranian white rice with Tahdig (crunchy rice). This food is served also with onion, Shirazi salad or yogurt.

Khoresht Gheymeh

After Ghormeh sabzi stew, Gheymeh is the second most common stew among Iranians. Of course, it can be found in different kinds, in different regions of Iran. The main ingredients used in this stew are meat, split peas, potatoes, and dried lemons. In the quick cooking process of this food, all of these ingredients, except potatoes and dried lemon, are poured into the pressure cooker to cook more quickly. Eventually, dried Lemon and fried potatoes are added to it to make proper the sourness of the food. Eventually, this stew is served with saffron rice.

You can click on the link below and learn how to cook Gheymeh stew.

Khoresht gheymeh

Fesenjoon stew (Persian pomegranate and walnuts stew)

One of the many delicious Iranian stews with a long history of the northern and Gilaki origin is Fesenjan stew. This food is considered to be in the class of expensive foods because walnuts is one of its essential ingredients, which is expensive.

Cooking this food and making it delicious requires a lot of experience, and all people cannot make this food delicious. This food is cooked with chicken or minced meat. Other ingredients of this food are chopped walnuts, onions, pomegranate paste, saffron, and sugar. It takes a lot of time to well simmer this food. This food is suitable for Iranian glamorous parties and is served in traditional restaurants.

Joojeh kabab (chicken barbecue)

It is a kind of Iranian Kabab that is made from chicken breast blended with lemon juice, salt, pepper, saffron and olive oil. Eventually, these flavored chickens are grilled on skewers. In addition to this, sweeten peppers, red cabbage, tomatoes, and sour lemons can be used with this food and it can be served with rice or bread.

Kabab Koobideh (grilled minced meat Kabab)

It is one of the most delicious traditional foods in Iran, prepared in the great Persian ceremonies. This food is made from mutton flavored with onions and spices and served with rice, bread, shallot yogurt, dough, raw onions and basil.

Shishlik (tender beef kabab)

Another delicious and tasty Persian food that is found in traditional Persian restaurants is Shishlik. Shishlik is a kind of Kabab made from sheep tender and has a special cooking method. This food is served along with cooked tomatoes, olive, pickled cucumber, and lemon juice, and you can order it along with rice if you wish.

Chicken Tah-Chin (Persian layered saffron rice with chicken)

This food is served in most of the Iranian party and celebrations. The food is cooked with cooked chicken with is placed in rice layers. The chicken Tahchin, though glamorous, is very easy to make. Saffron is important in this food and gives it a unique flavor and aroma.

Ash reshteh (Persian Noodle broth)

In Iran, different types of broths are cooked, among which Ash reshteh has a great reputation. In the Ash reshteh, various kinds of beans and herbs for broth are poured and is served with hot oil, mint, and whey. They eat this food, especially in cold seasons. This is not a special broth for the special city and is served everywhere. If you would like to try other Persian broths, it is recommended to try ash-e sholehghalamkar, asgh-e dough (Azerbaijan), ash-e joe (barley broth).

Zereshk polo with chicken (Persian Barberry rice with chicken)

One of the most delicious foods that is the common foods of all the traditional and luxurious parties and celebrations in Iran is Zereshk polo with chicken. This food has a good taste and is very quick to prepare. In this food, sliced chicken, rice, saffron, barberry, almonds, and pistachios slices and spices are used. They serve this food at many traditional Persian restaurants.

Baghali polo with Mahicheh (Fava bean and dill with rice and lamb shank)

The other delicious food that is served with meat and has its fans is Baghali polo with the lamb shank. The main ingredients of this food, depending on the choice of individuals, can be meat, neck or rib meat. Along with the lamb shank, basically, the rice is decorated with saffron, which is a majestic food. Baghali polo with lamb shank is served with meat water, pickles or salads.

Koofteh Tabrizi (Tabrizi meatballs)

Kofteh Tabrizi, as its name implies, is the food with the source of Tabriz and is very popular among Iranians and foreign tourists. In the preparation of this food, rice, split peas and minced meat are used, and to make the food more delicious, aromatic herbs and one or more plums are added to it. This food is served with cooked tomatoes.

Dizi Abgoosht (Persian gravy)

Different types of gravy can be found in Iran, one of these gravies, which is very famous and very delicious, is Dizi Abgoosht. It is made from mutton, fatty tail, onion, peas, potatoes, tomatoes and tomato paste. Dizi is served with pickles, onions or herbs.

You can click on the link below to learn how to cook the gravy.

Abgoosht recipe

Barge Moe dolmeh (stuffed grape leaves)

Many countries have their own special Dolmeh and Iran is one of them. The grape leave dolmeh is a food from Tabriz , which bulgur, rice, split peas, animal oil, fried onions and herbs for Dolmeh are used in it. All of these materials are mixed together and eventually are placed inside the grape leaves. It is easy to prepare and can serve as an appetizer.

Beryani (traditional food in Isfahan)

One of the most famous and traditional foods in Isfahan, which is mostly cooked in Isfahan restaurants, is Beryani. Baking this food is complex and requires much skill and time. Beryani is made from the meat of sheep neck and fatty tail, onions, spices from Isfahan, salt and pepper and turmeric. Along with this food, other materials, such as minced liver and meat water are served that are considered as high-calorie and heavy Persian foods.

Kaleh joosh (Persian whey soup)

Kaleh joosh is another famous Isfahani food that is easy and fast to be prepared and can be made at home. The raw ingredients are whey, dried mint, onion, walnut, oil, salt and pepper. This food is usually served with crushed Sangak bread. If you want to travel to Isfahan, try other foods like Eshkeneh, Halim Bademjoon(Persian food with eggplant), Chickpea polo, Chick and Tas kabab(Persian lamb and herbs stew).

Mirza Ghasemi (Persian roasted eggplant dish)

North foods throughout the country have many fans and you can find examples of North foods on every table. Mirza Ghasemi is one of those delicious and good smell foods that is made with fried eggplant, tomatoes, bergamot and pomegranate juice, glacier, mint, and onion.

Baghalaghatogh (Persian Fava beans with eggs and dill)

Another popular North foods that can be found on Iranian tablecloths or can be found in traditional restaurants is Baghala Ghatogh. The main ingredients of this special food are special fava beans, fresh herbs, butter, garlic, eggs, dill, turmeric, and black pepper. It's far easier to make Baghali ghatogh than Mirza Ghasemi, and you can easily make it at home.

Kabab torsh (Lamb Kabab with pomegranate and walnuts marinade)

Another traditional and popular North food that is served in the hotel and restaurants of Mazandaran and other parts of northern Iran is Kabab Torsh. It is made from meat, walnut, pomegranate paste, and pepper, and when cooked, it is sour and delicious. You can also use rice or bread with this Kabab.

Gilani Sir Ghalyeh (Persian food with garlic from Gilan)

Gilani Sir Ghalyeh is a kind of stew that garlic, onions, eggs, split peas, chicken or duck and spices are used in it. This is a typical delicious and expensive food that is cooked in the majestic parties of the city.

Stuffed fish

Fish is one of the most popular North foods that is made and served at various restaurants and parties of the north. It is made from salmon stuffed with onions, garlic, crushed walnuts, aromatic herbs, sweet peppers, pomegranate paste, salt, pepper, and spice. Stuffed fish is served with rice, pickles, salads or vegetables and is considered a glorious Persian food. Finally, if you have traveled to north of Iran, try other foods like Nazhkhatun, Kal Kabab, Shami Lapeh, Ash Ghalyeh, spawn Kooko.

Estamboli Polo (Persian tomato rice)

It is one of the Persian foods that has a lot of fans in Iran. Estamboli Polo has a Turkish root, but it is also available in Iran in a variety of ways. Estamboli Polo is a food that is easy to make, but you should pay attention to the important points when cooking it. Click on Estamboli Polo to learn how to cook it.


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