Khashoggi’s murder: the beginning of the Greater Middle East Project

TEHRAN, Nov. 05 (MNA) – It's not the first time that the Al-Saud regime brutally treats opponents, but it is the first that Western countries react to its hostility. The West generally hides and rejects anti-humanitarian measures because of their dependence on Saudi’s oil, or the sale of billions of weapons or generous suggestions made by the ruling regime.

However, the review of the European approach to prohibiting the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia, or the ban of the Saudi investment conference by the world's major corporations, and even Trump's double standard remarks in this regard, and the stress on the immediate ceasefire in Yemen, all indicate that a new development is in process.

In fact, neither oil nor the market of Saudi Arabia seems to attract the Western countries any longer, as Khashoggi’s case has provided the necessary pretext for Europe to end alliance with one of the most reactionary and primitive states in the world.

Various analyses have been made on the future of US-Saudi relations. Some believe that the only reason behind the US backing of the Saudi government is the issue of oil and energy security for the world's largest economy. 

Meanwhile, with the US self-sufficiency in oil production, there is virtually no reason for Washington to support Saudi Arabia, and Trump's remarks on the requirement for the Saudi side to pay for their security costs precisely means that they should not exceed the credibility and interests of the United States for such an alliance.

Referring to the Greater Middle East Project and the need to break up the powers of the region into smaller increments, the experts believe that the US should provide the necessary ground for the balkanization of the region immediately by cutting back from Saudi Arabia.

Interestingly, in most scenarios drawn by Western think tanks for the West Asian future, the Mid-East, along with China and Russia, must be submerged in insecurity and civil wars, ultimately from the ashes of warfare to consolidate the global empire and realization, providing a new order for the country as well as ensuring Israel's security. Interestingly, the emergence of ISIL, whether willingly or unwillingly, served the greatest part in the realization of the US scenario.

According to the plan, all countries in the region should be split into smaller states based on languages, ethnic, religious, and racial divisions, and without any exception. 

Therefore, although the use of Saudi leverage to curb Iran's power in the region is necessary, eventually this regime, like Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Afghanistan and other countries in the region, must be broken up subtly, with the formation of small, bankrupt and weak states, Israel will become the most powerful actor in the West Asian region.


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