US trying to avenge defeat at the United Nations

TEHRAN, Dec. 17 (MNA) – The US House of Representatives and Senate approved a new draft law against leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah. Approval of the draft law follows the recent failure of the United States to condemn Hamas.

Zionist broadcasts have claimed that Hamas and Hezbollah leaders have been using civilians as human shields, among other charges. The US sources also emphasized that the draft law would be presented for final signature by US President Donald Trump. The law was introduced and approved following efforts of the Zionist lobby in the United States.

Donald Trump, since taking office almost two years ago, has taken a considerable action against the Palestinians, among which the most important is recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist regime and, worse, the transfer of the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Now, the new aggressions against Hamas is in line with the same basic policy of the US government and Trump particularly.

The recent move by the United States to set up a new draft law against the leaders of the Hamas resistance movement can be seen as a kind of retaliation by Washington because of its recent fiasco in the United Nations General Assembly. The US tried to condemn Hamas. The draft measure required approval by two-thirds of the members of the UNGA (the United Nations General Assembly). The sole governments that voted in favor of this draft were the United States, the Zionist regime, Australia, Liberia, Marshall Islands, and Nauru.

A few minutes before the vote on this draft, another vote was taken at the General Assembly, which determined the majority needed to approve the proposed draft. In the vote, the US proposed that it would be enough to obtain a simple majority of votes, but Kuwait suggested that the adoption of such a draft requires a vote of at least two-thirds of the members. Finally, the Kuwaiti proposal was accepted.

The US and Zionist authorities, after the UNGA vote, have not been able to hide their anger at the non-adoption of a resolution against Hamas.

Nicky Haley said: “We cannot talk about peace in the Middle East unless we agree on the Hamas condemnation.” Zionist ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, also criticized the failure to approve the draft US anti-Palestinian resolution. He praised Haley's efforts on Twitter.

The United States still fails to realize that the world is no longer unipolar. The Americans have shown they continue to believe that the universe is unipolar and that it is only Washington that can put forward the first and last words on some matter. Washington, before the start of the Friday poll on an anti-Palestinian resolution at the UN General Assembly, even threatened the members of the assembly that if there was no positive vote on the resolution, it would have heavy consequences for them.

Americans are pursuing their hostile and discouraging moves to achieve what the Zionists could not accomplish in the military battleground with the Palestinian Islamic Resistance groups in the Gaza Strip. What seems to be clear is that, as much as possible, further efforts of the United States against resistance groups are planned, though they may be as ineffective as the recent US defeat at the UNGA.


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