An open letter to brave people of Iran from Kashmir

TEHRAN, Aug. 12 (MNA) – This letter is addressed to the brave people of Iran and comes from Kashmir – a place known as ‘Iran e Sagheer’ (little Iran). Your country is again going through a difficult phase because of the draconian economic sanctions imposed by the ‘Big Satan’.

You have been here before and you not only managed to survive but emerged stronger. As your outspoken Foreign Minister recently tweeted, you have been around for millennia and seen fall of empires, including your own, which lasted more than the life of some countries.

You are a great people and a proud nation. Your civilisation has a long history with glorious contribution towards the development of human race. Today, you have lot of enemies. As they say, if you don’t have enemies, it means you haven’t stood your ground. And, sometimes you are identified by the enemies you have.

You are up against two unholy regimes that share a unique characteristic. Both of them owe their existence to land grab and genocide. Both of them were created by forcibly seizing land from peaceful population who had never harmed them and who in the process were either physically decimated or displaced.

You are up against a regime that has carried out massacres and genocides that have no parallel in human history, a regime that has blatantly and brazenly used weapons of mass destruction against civilian populations. Hiroshima and Nagasaki bear eloquent testimony to the fact that your enemy is devoid of any morality and it should be a matter of great pride for you that you are resisting its hegemony so valiantly.

As on outsider, when I compare the two of you, I feel admiration for you and contempt for your enemy. I salute you for your nobility and dignity and I loathe your enemy for his hypocrisy and brinkmanship.

You have always taken pride to be a nation of Imam Hussain (A.S). How happy and lucky you should feel that you are at last reliving Karbala. What was Karbala? It was simply refusal to capitulate in front of a tyrant, an arrogant power. That is exactly what you are doing now.

You just have to say yes to the tyrant, sanctions will go, economy will improve, and you will enjoy all the luxuries and comforts of this world. You will have McDonalds, Kentucky, Walmart etc. But, at what cost? You will have to switch from being Hussain Ibn Ali to Umar Ibn Saad. You will be accepting the governorship of Ray for betraying the master of challengers. You need to be commended for choosing right over might, truth over falsehood, Hussain ibn Ali over Umar Ibn Saad.

There are legitimate grievances regarding corruption, economic mismanagement and other issues. I support your right to peacefully protest and seek solution to your problems. But, your enemy is very powerful and very shrewd. You have to make sure that you don’t play into his hands. You want end of corruption, he wants end of Islamic Republic. You want jobs, he wants end of Islamic Republic. You want better living conditions, he wants end of Islamic Republic. Beware of his unholy plots, designs and conspiracies.

Your enemy has declared a war against you. The only difference is that the enemy is not bombing you into submission, but starving you into submission. You were told that if you give up your nuclear program, sanctions will go and you will see an economic boom. You accepted and what happened? So what does the US want from you now? It wants to decide for you. Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo want to decide who rules Iran and how Iran is ruled, what weapons and how many of them you need, how your foreign policy is. And, most importantly, they want you to give up support for the Palestinian cause.

The American and Zionist regimes see Iran as a big obstacle in their creepy global ambitions and that is what this whole exercise is about. You give up your support for Palestinians and everything will be normal. But you will have to pay a price for that and that price is your sovereignty and self-respect. History is witness to the fact that Iran has never attacked any country and also has never compromised its own sovereignty. The eight year Iran-Iraq war bears testimony to this fact and Iran was militarily much weaker then. Today it is much stronger.

You are reliving Karbala today. Imam Hussain faced same choices then as you are facing now. He just had to nod his head and Yazid would have provided him everything possible in the world. You also have to just give a positive nod and all your difficulties will end.

What did the Imam do? The answer is clear: “Hayhat Mina Zila”. There is no way we can accept humiliation. Trump is happy to do sword dance with King Salman knowing fully well that most of the 9/11 terrorists were ideologically as well as financially supported by Saudi Arabia. Why is then the US so angry with Iran? We need to know the answer. The answer is in this one phrase: “How dare you?”

When the US says something or wants something, how dare you oppose it? When the US wants a regime change in Syria, how dare you support Assad? When the US wants the world to recognize the illegitimate Zionist state, how dare you to refuse? When the US thinks that the Islamic Republic is not good for Iranian people, how dare you think otherwise? But, you dare Trump. You refuse to accept his bullying. You refuse to be humiliated. That is why we the people of Kashmir have such tremendous respect for you.

We pray for you, not only because we love you but because we see you as the only hope in these times of despair. We admire your resistance and resilience.


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