Obama's uprising to scramble Trump

TEHRAN, Jul. 03 (MNA) – How former US president Obama is getting positioned to challenge the current US President Trump is a topic of heated debates among political pundits.

Barack Obama ended his presidency with pride and successes such as reaching an agreement with Iran over the nuclear deal, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, JCPOA. Leaving the arena to Trump, the ex-US president has recently made headlines again.

Trump's effort to eliminate everything that was signed or approved during Obama’s presidency has led Democrats, and most of all, Obama himself to begin wrestling with the now US president.

Ending the Obamacare, cancellation of the US - Cuba agreement, pulling out of the JCPOA, calling off the international commitments, not only has it mobilized individuals and groups inside the US against Trump, but also has created an anti-American front among Washington's former allies.

This comes at the time when the US is facing congressional elections in November 2018, a possible run-up to the presidential election of 2020. On the basis of the recent congressional election, one can predict that the winners in Capitol Hill, will, too, win a seat in the White House.

On November 6, the Congressional mid-term election will vote for all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 34 seats out of 100 in the Senate. A party that can gain 235 seats in the upcoming election will have a majority of the House of Representatives and will lead the parliament.

Currently, in the House of Representatives, the Republican Party holds the majority seats, 235 out of 435, and the remaining 193 seats are Democrats.

Therefore, Obama has come to the scene to prepare Democrats for victory in the presidential election of 2020 in November and that is why he has had meetings with Democrats in recent months.

The Express Daily has also released a report referring to Obama's meetings with Democrats, saying, “Former US President Barack Obama, who has kept a low public profile since leaving the White House a year and half ago, is wading back into politics ahead of the November elections. He met with nine electoral rivals against US President Donald Trump, including Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Deval Patrick, members of the Democratic Party of America.”
In another report on Obama's campaign, the newspaper wrote: “Obama will actively help Democrats in competitive races, and he is stepping up fundraising efforts for the party. The committee aims to challenge unfair division of the electoral districts through the regulation of complaints. This division of the electoral districts is the process of changing the scope of the constituencies so that a party can gain benefits by ensuring supporters concentrated in a region.”

Obama recently predicted that if the Democratic Party wins the majority of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi will once again become Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Concerns over Obama's actions, has brought Trump in his tweets to address the need for Republicans to win the congressional elections in 2018.

Hopes for Michelle Obama and Joe Biden

Although some experts believe Obama's return to power is likely after the 2020 election, American tradition suggests otherwise.  Analysts say there is a slim chance for Obama to win personally as a Democratic candidate in the next election.

In the meantime, all eyes are on the popular figures of the Democratic Party, and those are no one but Michelle Obama and Joe Biden.

Although, in the past months, Michelle has announced that she is not willing to take part in the electoral campaign, it is not unlikely that the ex-First Lady of the United States faces Trump.

Democrat and Obama’s Vice President, Joe Biden, also spoke of his desire to take part in the electoral campaign.

Some believe that Deval Patrick is best option to lead Democrats in the November congressional election.

With Trump taking every opportunity to attack Democrats and ridicule Obama's actions, one must wait and see to find out who wins the election in Washington, donkeys or elephants.  

In the 2016 election, Russia was accused of supporting Trump in the presidential race in the US Who knows, may be in the 2020 election, Europeans and Washington allies who are plagued by Trump’s policies, will be accused of supporting American Democrats for trying to have them win the election.


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