Iranian MPs slam anti-human rights crimes of Saudis in Yemen

TEHRAN, Nov. 15 (MNA) – In a statement issued on Wednesday, 191 members of the Iranian Parliament, while referring to occurrence of humanitarian crisis in Yemen, said Saudi Arabia and its supporters were responsible for ongoing catastrophes.

At the end of the Parliament’s public session on Wednesday morning, a statement of 191 MPs was issued on continuation of Saudi crimes against the defenseless people of Yemen.

The statement opens with condolences over the bitter earthquake incident in western regions of the country especially in Qasr-e Shirin and Sarpol-e Zahab counties in Kermanshah province.

“In an era in which issue of defending human rights is always repeated by certain Western countries like the US, unfortunately, amidst silence of Western media, tremendous crimes are observed against the oppressed people of Yemen by the Saudi regime, and it seems that slaughter of children, women, the elderly and young people of Yemen is a forgotten matter, and they have remained deprived of a quiet life,” reads the statement.

The basic question is how Saudi Arabia, with all sorts of lethal weapons, has the right to kill the oppressed people day and night while human rights defenders not only remain silent, but also confirm the disgraceful act against humanity. They also join sword dance with authorities of Saudi Arabia using the same sword that has fallen into the heart of the Yemeni nation today.

Today, the Yemeni people are not only targeted by Saudis every day but also lack minimum health and medical facilities, food and medicine, as they remain in a state of economic siege.

“We, representatives of the proud nation of Iran, while condemning these inhumane and brutal attacks, declare to the world that a humanitarian catastrophe has taken place in Yemen which is caused by attacks of Saudi Arabia and simultaneous siege of a nation as well as lack of food and medicine. The voice of an innocence and oppressed nation in the so-called era of civilization and sovereignty of human rights remains silent and the blame is to be put on Saudi authorities and their supporters, including the US regime.”


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