Hariri’s resignation kicks off new phase of Iranophobia: Ex diplomat

TEHRAN, Nov. 08 (MNA) – Nosratallah Tajik, Iranian analyst says Hariri’s resignation kicked off new phase of Iranophobia and Lebanon will be the next destination of the US and Saudi backed ISIL.

Lebanese Prime Minister Sadd Hariri’s surprise resignation while visiting Saudi Arabia instead of his own country raises many questions about the new phase of the tensions and instabilities planned by the US, Saudi Arabia and the Zionist regime. All these happens at a time when the Islamic Republic of Iran and its allies are widely seen to have won the war against the terrorist groups backed by Washington and its regional allies in Syria and Iraq.

The issue was disscussed with Nosratallah Tajik, former Iranian ambassador to Jordan.

Following is the full text of the interview :

What does PM Saad Hariri’s surprise resignation in Saudi Arabia indicate? What relation may exist between his announcement and Saudi Arabia’s objectives?

In response to your question, I should say that Saudi Arabia should be blamed for resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri. I am of the opinion that a veteran politician or a charismatic national figure does not allow himself to do such hasty decision especially at the condition that regional countries are grappling with a series of political problems. It is obvious that Hariri did not resign in his country, rather, he announced his resignation in Saudi Arabia. The mistaken time and venue of resignation is a solid evidence of the said claim. I am of the opinion that Hariri destroyed his political life due to his debt to Saudi Arabia. The dawning time of ISIL in Iraq and Syria was not a proper time to resign. With his unsatisfactory resignation, Hariri intermingled his political destiny to a series of regional developments that had sought to form a caliphate in the region almost six years ago. Once again, Hariri’s resignation proved and confirmed Saudi Arabia’s direct involvement in disrupting the region by ISIL. Announcing Hariri’s resignation in Saudi Arabia reflects the extent of interference of Saudi Arabia in the domestic situation of Lebanon and destiny of regional countries such as Lebanon.

As one of the U.S. allies in the region over the past six years, Saudi Arabia has been striving to save itself from Arab Spring breeze by providing necessary condition for waging proxy war in Syria and Iraq and fomenting extremism and development of violence in the region but it did not succeed in this way.

Will his resignation lead to more instability and tensions in Lebanon and the region, especially now that we are approaching the end of ISIL and other terrorist groups in some of the regional countries?

The surprise resignation of Hariri as Lebanese Prime Minister was a bid kick to his political future while the least consequence of this issue is associated with fomenting a proxy war inside Lebanon. As mentioned in above, Hariri submitted his resignation letter forcibly caused by Saudi Arabia. Under such circumstances that ISIL is on the very of fall in most parts of Iraq and Syria, it indicates that ISIL terrorist group will likely head to other parts of the region.

It can be said that Lebanon will be the next destination for brutal attacks of ISIL, the issue of which is very hazardous geopolitically. Of course, a great number of experts believe that tension will be escalated in Lebanon in future but I am optimist that tensions will be deescalated in case of cooperation of political parties and influential forces of this country.

Relying upon the assistance of the Almighty God, Lebanese government will move out from this political crisis successfully. In such a grave condition, Zionist regime is sowing seeds of discord in the region especially Lebanon and makes its utmost effort to take advantage of this messy situation for its favor. Happiness of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of resignation of Hariri is a solid evidence for the said claim.

What connection do you describe between the plots of White House, Riyadh and Zionist regime against the region and Saad Hariri’s resignation?

In response to your question, I should say that Saudi Arabia is now experiencing a transient period. The previous generation in this Arabic country is spending their aging period on the one hand and new generation has come to the scene with new specifications on the other hand.

Nowadays, we are witnessing that there is not stable political situation in Saudi Arabia. That is to say that Saudi King Salman introduced Mohammad bin Salman as new crown prince in order to correct ailing policy and preventing Saudi Arabia from being collapsed. Under such circumstances, Saudi authorities are after maintaining their political and social standing. In this line, Saudi Arabia’s Iranophobia measures and opposition with Iran’s foreign policy in the region can be contemplated.

With due observance to the said issue, Saudi Arabia is fomenting war in the region in order to maintain its social and political cohesion and is after settling its problem in the region.

For this purpose, Saudi Arabia forced Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri to step down from his position shortly after approval of CAATSA (Confronting with Americas Adversaries through Sanctions Act) in the US Congress and release of documents showing that Al-Qaeda is linked with Iran. Therefore, second phase of Iranophobia was kicked off by S. Arabia in the region.

Interview by Payman Yazdani

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