Amano's visit to Iran due to US misconduct over JCPOA

TEHRAN, Nov. 05 (MNA) – Iranian VP who also heads AEOI, Ali Akbar Salehi, pointing out that the IAEA chief traveled to Tehran with his own wish, said Yukiya Amano holds a special responsibility with regard to the conduct of the United States on JCPOA.

In an interview with Iran IRIB1 Negahe Yek on Saturday, Salehi said Amano has a special responsibility at this time, and the IAEA is the only authority that can assess the obligations of the member states, and tries to take necessary measures according to the events occurring in the US against JCPOA.

“Amano is trying to inform the international community of Iran's obligations, he came to Tehran on his own request and consulted with Iranian officials on the wrong positions of the United States,” he noted.

JCPOA Section T is generally related to the activities related to nuclear arms and since we do not intend to build any nuclear weapons, we have voluntarily accepted the measures, Salehi noted.

Touching upon the refusal of US President Trump to approve JCPOA, Salehi said he makes unfounded and false claims against Iran at the United Nations General Assembly, against the Iranian nation, which shows the true nature of the American politicians.

Given that the JCPOA a win-win deal, Salehi said, Iran is trying to keep it alive and all the parties involved need to be committed to their obligations; it is in the interest of NPT too, since if JCPOA does not work, not only the NPT, but also any other international treaty will lose its credibility.

Pointing to Iran's countermeasures against US policies, AEOI head asserted that the Supervisory Committee on Implementation of the JCPOA monitors the actions and behaviors of the other party and makes appropriate decisions accordingly, so we have many scenarios, according to the steps they take, we will respond.

Salehi noted that Iran is prepared to deal with US misconduct in different dimensions; "we need only four days to begin 20-percent enrichment in Fordow; we can immediately enable two chains and add two other chains 2 weeks later, and the other side will understand the message.”

The heavy water reactor in Arak is in the process and, of course, the reactor is an exception in JCPOA, because even if the deal breaks down, the Arak heavy water reactor will continue its activity, according to 2231 Resolution, he added.

He said Iran has nearly 23 tons of heavy water in Oman, which was ordered by some European companies, and of course, the heavy water stored is for Iran not Oman.


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