Everything about a spy; Dorri used for Western intelligence services

TEHRAN, Oct. 16 (MNA) – Conviction of a member of nuclear negotiating team was confirmed at Tehran Appeals Court; mentioning some points on his previous background and activities is very thinkable.

Last week, Judiciary Spokesman Gholamhossein Mohseni Eje'i revealed the confirmation of espionage ruling of Abdol-Rasoul Dorri-Esfahani at Appeals Court and his conviction to five years in prison.

For enlightening public opinion, some questions may raise here: who is Dorri-Esfahani? How he entered into expert level of nuclear negotiating team? For which organization was he spying?

In response to these question, it is better to know that he was cooperating and interacting with the US Department of Treasury before the Islamic Revolution. After the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution, he was employed at the Ministry of Defense and undertook the responsibility of looking into the claims of Iran from US government. After a while, Iranian Defense Ministry found that he was ruling in favor of America in most litigations between Iran and US.

In general, despite all well-grounded documents, he was throwing his heavyweight on the US government in almost all cases and for this reason, he was fired from the Ministry of Defense and headed to Canada.

In 2013 and shortly after the establishment of 11th government dubbed “Hope and Prudence”, he was appointed as the senior adviser to the Governor of Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Valiollah Seif. Concurrently, he was cooperating at the Board of Directors of one of private banks in the country, earning huge amount of salary per month.

In the wake of nuclear talks and when the parties involved in the talks were negotiating with each other, Dorri-Esfahani was introduced by the Central Bank of Iran to the nuclear negotiating team as an expert official in charge of following up financial issue and banking relations officially. After implementation of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the official title of nuclear deal, in mid-July 2015, he was appointed as an active member in the Headquarters to Follow Up JCPOA by the Iranian President Rouhani.

It should be noted that he has Canadian citizenship who was arrested in July 2016, charged with having relationship with western intelligence services.

According to the well-grounded documents, he has done his cooperation with western companies through a corporation named PWC.

“PWC”, covering espionage system around the World

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) is a multinational company, headquartered in London, which is offering widespread services in the field of accounting, financial, trade, business and insurance.

Moreover, PWC has main offices in the countries including Egypt, Germany, US, Peru, Australia, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Poland, Spain, Ghana, New Zealand and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

It should be noted that regional office of this British corporation in the United Arab Emirates is responsible for covering activities in the Middle Eastern countries and Persian Gulf littoral states.

“Dorri” Used for Western Intelligence Services

When Dorri was employed in this company, he was responsible for following up activities in Dubai representative office as subsidiary of Regional Office in the Middle East. The main task of this office was collecting Iran’s economic data for Iranian employees with dual nationalities covered by financial and auditing consultations, details of which were provided to the western’s intelligence services.

Of his other activities, we can name facilitating in introduction of key individuals, assisting and giving consultation services with relation to any meeting or dialogue that PWC has had with 5+1 (the five permanent members of UN Security Council plus Germany).

In the same direction, his daughter, moreover doing financial and business activities and cooperating with PWC, was considered as one of the member of Board of Directors of a company tasked with extraction of gold in Canada.

It should be noted that Dorri-Esfahani has made his utmost effort to set up a representative office of PWC Company in Tehran and finally, he failed to do it.

Translated by: Morteza Ahmadi 

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