Leader calls new administration to fully observe obligations

TEHRAN, Aug. 26 (MNA) – Ayatollah Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, received President Rouhani and his newly formed cabinet of ministers on Saturday.

“The strategic approach should be diverted from ranting and oil-oriented economy to a productive and popular economy,” said Ayatollah Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Saturday while receiving President Rouhani and his newly formed cabinet of ministers.

The Iranian Leader advised the twelfth administration to concentrate their efforts and endeavors on number-one priority of the country as he put it economy and the living issues of the masses with some tips on the code of conduct and professional standards of behavior for the men of government.  

He also commemorated the late President Rajaie and Prime Minister Bahonar who were assassinated in 1981, “these two respectable martyrs had a very short tenure which make it impossible to judge their executive capabilities but they are always well remembered” maintained the top authority of Iran, “and that’s because of their personalities and way of management that could be labeled as revolutionary, faithful, and honest.” He urged all the people in authority to take those two martyrs as their role models.

“I hope that after the two ministers of energy, which is an important ministry, and science, which is a more important ministry, are named, the twelfth administration observe its obligations fully,” asserted the Iranian Leader.

Ayatollah Khamenei then referred to the formation of the new administration in the due time and the ease of steps in election, sworn-in ceremony, and confidence vote and articulated that, “now it is the turn of the administration to start initiative and practice.”

The grand official advised the new cabinet to fully take benefit of their 4 year term in office for providing the best of service to their motherland and perform their best job, “four years is not a short time, as Amir Kabir held the office of Premiership for three years and our country needs services of that nature today.”

Banking, investment, liquidity growth, and smuggling were the major issues of economic concern highlighted by the Iranian Leader who urged the economy officials of the new cabinet to be more meticulous about.

Guidelines for the diplomatic wing of the cabinet consisted another portion of Ayatolah Khamenei’s address of the Saturday meeting. He advised the Iranian diplomats to stick to revolutionary and religious principles. Opening the umbrella of diplomacy over the whole world and not being limited to a specific group of countries was another part of his advice on the principles of foreign policy.


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