US missile attack 'signifies law of jungle'

TEHRAN, Apr. 10 (MNA) – Head of the Judiciary lampooned US missile attack on Syrian airbase as signifying the law of the jungle where the rule of 'survival of the fittest' dominates.

Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani who was addressing Judiciary high-ranking officials on Monday, strongly condemned missile attack on al-Shayrat Airbase near Homs as an example where the US had been regularly engaged in illegal intervention, violating the international rules and against a UN member and a sovereign state; "the US approach to solving problems will have grave consequences for them; a power which has claims on human rights and logic, is surprisingly equally irrational and shuns its tenets as a superpower," said the head of the Judiciary; "the US and the EU should abandon their double-standards and selective reactions to the human rights violations and in addressing terrorism, lest their own doorsteps would be targeted by the same mercenaries they once fostered."

Ayatollah Amoli Larijani called for an international independent fact-finding committee to look into the issue of chemical weapons use to shed light to the darker sides of the problem; he also criticized hypocrisy of the EU and the US on overhasty reaction to the chemical weapons use in Syria while they had openly provided technology and poisonous gases for Saddam Hussein, a lunatic leader of Iraq, who had no qualms for slaughtering thousands of civilians in Iran and from among his own people, to quell the Kurd rebellion. 


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