JCPOA to become ‘a thing of history should US deviate’

TEHRAN, Nov. 03 (MNA) – IRGC deputy commander has addressed crowded rally in Tehran where he said JCPOA serves as an acid test to the US sense of commitment.

Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami addressed the rallying crowd before the former US embassy building in Tehran with references to more recent developments such as JCPOA in reminding the US officials of their lack of commitment to international responsibilities. He earnestly recommended the US to remain committed to their obligations under JCPOA, threatening that if the latter deviated, the JCPOA would be archived as a thing of the past; “our nation is committed to what its nuclear negotiators achieved and pledged during nuclear talks, but at the same time expects to see the proportionate level of commitment in the sides to the JCPOA; this is not a one-way path and our patience will not be going forever,” he emphasized.

“We expect to see that the US officials would put aside Cold War glasses by which they had been viewing the event since then, to come to new realities of today; Iranians will fight to the last moment for their rights anywhere in the world; a complete return to conditions before JCPOA is total possibility should the US fail to attach to its commitments in implementing much-vaunted deal,” IRGC general told the crowd. “The government is not only accountable before US and 5+1, but also it is accountable before the nation; the government has promised the nation that if the other party fail in implementing the deal, JCPOA will be a thing of the past with centrifuges and the full enrichment machinery returning back to activity.”

Brig. Gen. Salami criticized the US of supporting despotic rulers in the Middle East while they had been purportedly promoting democracy elsewhere in the world; this is a sad story for the US that Iranians had begun to know it in pejorative terms and as a power with which they started a path replete with difficulties,” he added. “Saudi crimes along with Zionist atrocities in Palestinian Territories are the direct outcomes of a misguided policy of the US, which is the largest exporter of the latest methods of torture; the CIA is a horrible organization which train world’s most formidable suppressive states, including Iran’s intelligence machinery SAVAK in the past.”

Salami believed that the Revolution of 1979 hit the balance off in Middle East and the world at large of the power of the East and West blocks; “our enemies at last admitted defeat in the war of 1980-88; they also were defeated in cultural invasion where the enemies had worked to win the hearts and minds of the uninitiated young cohort and to empty mosques of the pious people,” he emphasized.

IRGC deputy-commander also said that the US now had been mired on its opaque policies and their consequences; “they will have no way for gloriously ending their presence in the Middle East, and will not succeed to tip off the balance of power of the Islamic Republic of Iran, since we enjoy influence in regional states; recently, Hezbollah of Lebanon secured the presidency of Michel Aoun which is its allied politician; this is a testament to Iran’s influence in the region and will not be easily lost by pressures from the US,” he concluded.


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