Boeing, Airbus grant Iran ‘maintenance, part manufacturing’ rights

TEHRAN, Oct. 18 (MNA) – An official of Iran's Aviation Companies Association has said airline industry giants Airbus and Boeing have granted Iran with permissions for plane maintenance and repair operations and manufacturing spare parts.

Maghsoud Asadi-Samani told Mehr News on Tuesday that a draft of a deal with both giant holdings had stipulated the permissions for Iranian airline industries, a demand long overdue; “the negotiations with Airbus and Boeing authorities had been underway with satisfactory pace; in part of the negotiation, a possibility was addressed where a Japanese and an American bank would finance Iran’s deal with Airbus and Boeing, where billions of dollars would be at stake,” he added.

Asadi-Samani rejected claims by the airline industry community that Iran suffered lack of necessary permits by air industry giants which would allow repair and maintenance activities inside Iran; “It is far too early to make untimely claims about that possibility, and would be legally inaccurate; the buyer, according to the conventions, would receive such rights and we believe the agreements as well are not silent about that, and Iran has received maintenance, repairs, and spare part manufacturing permissions,” he emphasized.

Rouhani’s important visit to Paris was a turning point in Iran’s fashioning a deal with Airbus, European giant of air industry, where he effectively hammered out a lucrative deal with the company to buy brand new planes to refurbish Iran’s antiquated air fleet. Iran still works to make operative a deal to buy 97 different models of both brands worth a lump sum of $ 2.6. Iran’s vision for renewal of its air fleet is rather ambitious, with 118 Airbus and 108 Boeing planes which would transform country’s airline industry to a new world class quality. In other side of the Atlantic, Boeing would also profit from deals with Iran now that after JCPOA allows exploration of Iran’s high potentials of consumption with population quite welcoming modern facilities.

Under new conditions, government should turn to domestic companies to provide them with new technology coming from outside by agreements making such transfers possible. During 4 decades of sanctions where Iran had not bought new planes, Iranian planes still had succeeded to land in European airports, with few exceptions.


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