Military capabilities of resistance front challenge world powers

TEHRAN, Oct. 01 (MNA) – Secretary of Iran SNSC said effective and flexible combat abilities of the Resistance front have now challenged the world’s largest arsenals.

Speaking on the sidelines of a visit to drone production line in IRGC Aerospace, Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani appreciated the courage of Iranian aerospace specialists who have made stunning advances in missile and drone areas asserting “superiority in military drone industry can be achieved by increasing research and production power as well as propagation and development of technology in range, endurance, weapons and precision.”

“We learned from the Imposed War and cruel sanction years that stable and reliable security cannot be established in the country unless indigenous defense capabilities are continuously developed,” he continued.

The official reiterated that Iran’s offensive and defensive power is complex, multifaceted and based on domestic abilities and religious teachings and history has testified that Islamic Republic has never sought to exploit its military capabilities for intrusive purposes.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is proud to share relevant experiences with the oppressed people of Palestine and the Resistance front," said Shamkhani, adding, “the current military power of the Resistance has challenged world powers and created a strong barrier against invaders and dominators.”

SNSC secretary further pointed to Imam Khomeini’s decree to form naval, land and air forces noting “now with the passage of 31 years from the order and under the guidelines of the Leader, IRGC Aerospace has attained a level of capacity and capability which could have caused essential and dramatic changes to battlefield equations of the Imposed War against Iraq.”

Ali Shamkhani emphasized that Iran’s drone abilities were achieved during the difficult economic conditions of sanction years adding “the Islamic Republic of Iran has proved in practice that nothing can limit development of its defense power.”

“Capabilities held by IRGC Aerospace like reverse engineering and modernizing all indicate that the threat imposed by illegitimate presence of the US in the region can be converted into the opportunity to boost domestic defense power,” he underlined.

The official went on to note that no sane enemy would even think of aggression against Iran in view of revolutionary and faithful forces as well as modern indigenous equipment like advanced missiles with various ranges as well as new generation of drones with floating system and interior defense.

“The production capacity based on domestic capabilities and today’s deterrence power, which protects our borders from terrorist groups, are all the blessings of eight years of Sacred Defense,” stressed SNSC secretary.

Shamkhani underlined that maximum military power has been attained with minimal financial resources and called for exploitation of military experiences and achievements in various industry sectors to serve civilian purposes.

Secretary of Iran SNSC concluded that “we are bound to achieve an independent, stable and self-sustaining domestic defense power as ordered by the Leader.”


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