PJAK implicated in Rijab armed attack

TEHRAN, Jul. 12 (MNA) – The main target of Sunday armed attack has provided more details of the Rijab incident, says PJAK is implicated according to evidence.

Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh, Islamabad representative in the Parliament was target of an attempted assassination on Sunday where he survived to the chagrin of the armed unknown men who probably thought that he had been killed during opening fire on his car; however, two of his companies including his driver were killed and another company, head of Kermanshah provincial Fishery Office was wounded.

“The unknown armed men opened fire also on the car carrying head of Kermanshah Veterinary Office and martyred him as well; the firing lasted almost for 7 minutes, with staccato of firing now and then; they probably thought that we were armed, hence kept a distance from us,” Falahatpisheh told Mehr News in an interview. “We do not exactly gauge the motives of the attackers and accepting the responsibility for attack and or a failure to accept would be deflecting public attention from the core issue of who is behind the incident; in the most probability, we speculate that they have their masterminds beyond the borders, who misguidedly sought to provide a chaotic image of the province just months before President’s provincial visit to Kermanshah,” said the Parliamentarian.

“The western province had enjoyed exemplary security and such attacks are very scarce; I think PJAK is the major side to be implicated, although it has not yet signaled accepting the responsibility,” Falahatpisheh asserted, roundly rejecting the allegations that the local religious minority would be behind the incident; “Ahl-e Haqq (Persian for ‘People of Truth’) has been in peaceful term with the Establishment and no one in the history of the revolution did they cross the redlines; the allegations which implicate the religious minority has been fabricated by the anti-Revolutionary circles.”

He criticized Parliament Presiding Board as mindless of the event in the open session of the Parliament; “I am deeply disturbed that such an event would receive so scant attention by the presiding board that they had no mention of the incident at all. The event was on the scene when only Kermanshah representatives read a statement in the open session,” he objected.


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