Canadian Al-Quds Committee calls for Al-Quds Day rallies

TEHRAN, Jul. 02 (MNA) – A Canadian civil organization has invited the public to Al-Quds Day rallies to peacefully raise the voice against the atrocities and human rights’ violations of Zionism.

The official website of the event posted the call on Saturday specifies July 02 (Saturday) as the day people of conscience would actually coordinate efforts hand in hand with other likeminded people either Christian, Muslim or Jew to ‘struggle for the justice and peace for the occupied Palestine and its innocent civilians.’

The website listed a number of its demands and solutions for the Palestinian issue. To summarize, among the most important demands of the Al-Quds Committee are ‘ending Gaza blockade,’ ‘recognizing rights of Palestinians to self-determination,’ ‘boycott of all commercial organizations which support and/or conduct significant business with the Zionist regime,’ and ‘mounting political pressure to the US to cut supports to Zionist regime.’

“The Al-Quds Committee wants to bring immediate attention to the plight of the innocent civilian people of Gaza currently under siege since June 2007. We call upon the international community to utilize all methods available, to stop the collective illegal punishment imposed on the innocent civilian people of Gaza, by the Zionist Regime. The United Nations have called the blockade of humanitarian aid illegal according to the Geneva Conventions on a number of occasions, a call also echoed by the International Committee of the Red Cross,” read part of the posting on the website.

“Also, the Al-Quds Committee demands that a free referendum be held in the Palestinian territory, as the Palestinian people deserve the right to determine their own fate, in accordance with the spirit and the letter of the Charter of the United Nations,” it added.

“We respect Judaism but denounce Zionism as a racist, hateful and oppressive philosophy based on expulsion, oppression and occupation of the native population of Palestine,” declared the post on Al-Quds Day. “the mainstream media for its biased coverage of the conflict and for depicting the oppressive, criminal and occupying military and government of the Zionist state as the victim and the owners of the land as ‘oppressors’.”

“We completely reject the Zionist justification of settlement and occupational activities in the name of racial superiority and support the right of all other victims of the Zionist Regime, including the injured, the prisoners and the refugees to bring the Zionists war criminals to justice in a just court of law,” the statement criticized Zionism racist bases.

“We demand that the Great Al-Aqsa Mosque be freed from the clutches of the Zionist Regime, and furthermore, we completely reject any and all Zionist claims made on Al-Quds Jerusalem,” it further objected.


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