Grave warning from Gen. Soleimani to Bahrain's Al-Khalifa

TEHRAN, Jun. 20 (MNA) – IRGC Quds Force commander has warned Bahrain government about the consequences of mistreating Sheikh Isa Qassim, Shia religious leader, a small part of which would be overthrow of the regime in Manama.

Here is the full text of the statement:

The oppressed Muslim nation of Bahrain had been under the cruel, biased, unfair, and illegitimate regime of Al-Khalifa for long years. Despite furious acts which included unashamedly racist discrimination, arrest of their religious leaders, imprisoning and torturing women and children, stripping citizenship, violation of their rights without any qualms and several other crimes, this patient people have exercised patience; tightening the pressures has never distracted Bahraini people of their non-violent approach.

However, imprudence of House of Khalifa has reached a point where the regime turned a blind eye to peaceful and civilized conduct of this people, taking the opportunity to continue its violations along the meaningful and deafening silence of United Nations, the US and other western countries, to extend the brazenness and crimes of putting more pressure on them. The illegal arrest of Sheikh Ali Salman and other religious figures in Bahrain even made the regime more aggressive to target this time Sheikh Isa Qassim, thus disturbing the public mentality.

Seemingly, the Al-Khalifa regime has underestimated and misinterpreted the scope and magnitude of the public wrath; encroachment of the religious leader's rights is definitely a sure redline for the public the crossing of which would set the region ablaze, leaving no alternative than resorting to armed resistance.

The consequences of the possible conflict would be beyond estimation and would rewrite the history through toppling the despotic regime. The supporters of the regime in Manama should accept responsibility for legitimizing the brazen rulers of Bahrain for any bloody confrontation.





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