Iran to retaliate if JCPOA 'neglected'

TEHRAN, Apr. 20 (MNA) – Iran’s Hassan Rouhani has told his cabinet that the government will take necessary measures, including retaliation, if other parties neglect JCPOA implementation.

Speaking in the cabinet meeting of Wednesday which occasioned the National Fathers’ Day, President Hassan Rouhani drew parallels from the history of early Islam to depict the accurate and proper conduct a ruler should have in reassertion of the state’s will. He specifically quoted from Islamic history and the life and rule of the first Shia imam, Imam Ali (as), to provide a mirror for magistrates in effect in monumental justice of the first imam, his tolerance of his opposition in the mosque, who surprisingly were allowed to continue their opposition untrammeled; and his heavy-handedness in inflicting punishment on the those remiss in handling public property and treasury; “his rule hinged upon the consent of the public and affairs of the state were in harmony with this important guiding principle; Imam Ali’s conduct of his enemies in the mosque teaches us to what extent the opposition should be tolerated,” Rouhani told the cabinet meeting.

Drawing upon a famous quotation again of the early Islamic history, Rouhani implied that the state should protect its people in the manner a father would do to his children; “the state and government should respect individuals and the society as well as belonging to itself; no government organization should be engaged in activities which ultimately seek to control its own people and intervene in their private affairs; essentially, no entity other than the Constitution should be recognized as eligible to limit the scope of public freedom,” Rouhani emphasized.

He then turned to his recent visit to desert province of Semnan, east of capital Tehran and expressed gratitude for warm welcome the provincial officials and public paid to him; “serving this nation is an honor bestowed to us by the very nation,” he briefly said, turning yet to another important topic which Mr. Rouhani took grievances about, namely the recent reactions by the media criticizing the JCPOA in attempts to render in the eyes of the public as ineffective and unavailing, while Rouhani believed the deal should be taken for granted as a boon to the economy; “if we find that parties to JCPOA are negligent enough about their commitments, our best reaction will be to solemnly warn them and at worst, to retaliate by any measure possible, if necessity demands,” he told the meeting of the cabinet.




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