John Kerry ‘spewing nonsense’ on Iran missile program

TEHRAN, Apr. 09 (MNA) – Iran’s Defense Min. Dehghan called on US Secretary of State John Kerry to answer three questions of his instead of ‘spewing nonsense’ on Iran’s missile industry.

Iran’s Minister of Defense Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehghan on Sat. in response to the recent remarks made by American officials, particularly Secretary of State John Kerry in Bahrain on Iran’s missile industry, told reporters that the United States has always intensified its actions against Iran and ‘this is nothing new.’

Noting that John Kerry’s remarks can be evaluated from various perspectives, he said “first, the US due to the stances it has taken, is currently in a position of despair in regard to having any impact on regional trends, and the US allies, given the developments in the region, are concerned about the US inability to protect their interests and back the continuation of their unjust position as Kings and Amirs.”

Dehghan went on to add, “the Americans made a lot of efforts to promote Iranophobia and establish a massive weapons market in the region for themselves, while inducing this notion that survival of their elements in the region relies on their compliance with the US policies.”

Brig. Gen. Dehghan called on those ‘claiming to be after establishing peace and security in the region and the world’ – John Kerry and other American authorities – to answer three questions of his: “first of all, what is the reason for their presence in various parts of the world? Is it to preserve their own interests or those of the countries they come into?”

“Naturally, even with the slightest fairness and rationality, the answer is that they are only pursuing their own interests,” he added.

About the second question, he said “they should answer whether they are meddling into other countries’ internal affairs for the said countries’ interests? But of course, they are only after preserving their political systems and violating the most obvious human rights.”

He strongly criticized Americans’ silence toward Saudi Arabia’s atrocities against Yemeni people, adding “this is while the smallest problem in a country that does not agree with the US causes Washington to outcry over human rights violation in that country.”  

About the third question that the Americans need to answer, he said “what kind of assistance they have provided the people in the region against Takfiri groups such as Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIL, and how on earth can they actually support and back global terrorism and a destabilizing factor?”

Dehghan further maintained that if the US is really after creating prosperity, peace and stability in any part of the world, it should stop interfering with others’ internal affairs and do not strengthen extremist and terrorist groups to wreak havoc in other countries.  




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    • lemme 16:59 - 2016/04/09
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      Well he isn't wrong. But I doubt the US will get back with any answers.