‘EU neglects security of Macedonia’

SKOPJE, Mar. 12 (MNA) – Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov said on Friday that the European Union (EU) has neglected its security in view of the refugee crisis and, given the lack of control of the illegal migrants, has exposed itself to possible terrorist attacks.

Ivanov said on Friday, that the EU had little will for an exchange of terrorist intelligence with his country (which is not part of the union) so it was difficult to face the threat of terrorists who arrive in Europe as alleged asylum seekers.

The president justified the strong border controls his country has introduced to curb the influx of refugees and said that if the Macedonians had relied on the EU, the country would long ago have been flooded with terrorists.

Ivanov added that the EU does not respond well to crises, which is why some countries of the Balkan route, including Macedonia, have been compelled to act on their own to block the immigrants passage even if those actions worsen the situation in other countries, such as Greece.

He also stated that the Macedonian security forces have seized, in recent months, more than 9,000 passports and other documents of false or stolen identity and said that terrorists are posing as refugees to reach Europe, while Greece simply stamps their documents so they can continue their trip.





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    • Steve 13:06 - 2016/03/12
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      Why would Macedonia remotely want to join a disgusting, corrupt, bully organisation of American puppets such as the EU. They should start a new Union of reasonable States (central or eastern european union) with its seat in Moscow. Vote Brexit, Czechixt let the whole thing fall apart!