‘Quds Force deterrent to many Paris-like attacks'

TEHRAN, Jan. 10 (MNA) – Parliament speaker has said Quds Force’s counter-terrorist activities has averted numerous incidents similar to Paris attacks.

Speaking at the open session of the Parliament on Sunday morning, the Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijnai criticized the recent decisions of the US Congress adding “with their haphazard plans, certain members of the US Congress intend to foil the nuclear deal between Iran and the 5+1 group of countries.”

“Other nations should not pay the costs of lack of integrity in America’s decision-making body,” he underlined.

Larijani emphasized “the Visa Waiver Program, issued recently amid the US budget plan, was certainly against the spirit of JCPOA and Iran would retaliate unless they make the required amendments.”

“The US has no right to pose awkward plans against Quds Force of Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC),” said Larijani stressing “if they persist on pursuing the current trend, Iran will give second thoughts to both defensive and nuclear activities.”

Touching upon the recent incidents related to Saudi Arabia, Iran’s Parliament speaker noted “these events are related to Iran’s security from a variety of aspects; in the recent week, the Saudi government strived to distract attention by executing Sheikh al-Nimr together with a group of terrorists which hurt the feelings of the Islamic nation.”

“Saudi Arabia further terminated diplomatic and economic relations with Iran upon the lame excuse of attack on its embassy in Tehran,” noted the official asserting “Saudis have also forced some other states to cut or reduce relations with the Islamic republic of Iran.”

He went on to stress that Saudis have caused damages to the Iranian embassy in Yemen; “all these actions are indication of weak political behavior which has always been observed on the part of the Saudi government even in the past.”

Larijani enumerated a number of Saudi Arabia malicious actions and plans against Iran all through history; “Saudis have gained no benefit by undertaking these wrong-doings,” he stressed.

“However, the attack on the Saudi embassy in Tehran cannot be justified and the Interior Ministry needs to deal with those involved in the action,” maintained Larijani promising that the Iranian Parliament will spare no effort in putting an end to repetition of similar incidents.

The official further referred to the surplus in oil supply over the past year which caused hundreds of billions of dollars to the Saudi people as well as to other Islamic nations merely with the aim of interfering with Iran’s nuclear deal.

Ali Larijani highlighted the wisdom, strength and rich culture of the Iranian nation; “Saudis’ actions would never stop Iranians in following the objectives of the Islamic Revolution.”

The parliament speaker asserted that Saudi Arabia could have put all these efforts in the interest of the Muslim world in order to escalate the strength of Islamic states.

“No doubt, the Zionist regime and the global arrogance will take advantage of the present chaos in the Islamic World,” he stressed.

“It remains astounding that Saudi authorities, in recent weeks, had conducted negotiations with the Iranian foreign minister and ambassador seeking to resolve the issues while they take up immoral activities unexpectedly which is a sign of inability in making the right decisions,” pointed out Larijani.

The Parliament speaker further referred to the meeting of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution with thousands of people from the holy city of Qom on the occasion of Jan. 9, 1978 uprisings anniversary deeming it as a significant session with regard to the upcoming elections in Iran.

“The Leader deemed three features of bravery, independence and freedom as vital to the prosperity of the country which will guarantee the efficiency of the next Parliament in view of the current chaotic international and regional atmosphere,” emphasized Larijani expressing hope that the election will have promising outcomes with the guidelines of the Leader.





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