Saudi embassy attack ‘violation of national expediencies’

TEHRAN, Jan. 04 (MNA) – Head of the Judiciary has said Iran does not need political relations with Saudi Arabia while they have severed relations by calling their embassy staff out of the country.

Ayatollah Sadiq Amoli Larijani who was addressing a meeting of Judiciary high ranking officials on Monday said that Saudi officials had engaged in ‘absolutely inane’ conduct in execution of Sheikh Nimr Mohammad Baqir al-Nimr, Shia cleric and an outspoken critic of the Saudi state, and condemned the Saudi regime for his martyrdon.

“Today the world is witnessing Saudi regime’s large-scale crimes in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain, and Yemen and even within its borders in killing its own citizens; in any part of the Islamic world, we could trace Saudi footprints embossed in blood of the innocent civilians,” said the head of the Judiciary, extending his eulogies to Sunni minorities in Iran who had condemned the Saudi despicable act; “they truly demonstrated that like their Shia brethren, they have accurately calibrated the Saudi conduct and that ISIL has nothing to do with true Islam.”

“Saudis are themselves no better representative of Islam; the westerners had, out of care for their own interests, been in a quandary of condemning the execution and taking inefficient positions and felt being in the edge in seeing acute savagery of the Saudi rulers in bloodily handling minor criticism mounted by a cleric,” emphasized the Judiciary head.    

Ayatollah Amoli Larijani then turned to ‘claimants of human rights’ around the world in their blatant disregard for human rights of Yemeni innocent people who had been languishing under Saudi unremitting air strikes for more than 10 months; “the American and European governments and human rights organizations would not only balked at the idea of recognizing and condemning of Saudi crimes, but would also actually support Saudis with their tell-tale silent; currently, the Saudi regime is becoming its own nemesis, while western countries would falsely have hopes to find favor with Saudi despotic rulers, however the reality is that Saudis themselves are in a very steep cliff, beholding the abyss under their feet,” asserted the Ayatollah. “The innocent blood soon will reveal its working effect, and we hope an early end for this chaotic conditions in the Islamic world,” he told the meeting.

Ayatollah Amoli Larijani however believed that despite all the condemnations of Saudi conduct, attack on its embassy in Tehran was imprudence which stole much of the heat of the very issue of execution, and a measure well in discord with national expediencies; “I believe we should not act in violation of international rules of diplomacy; we should remain committed to what we have signed as international conventions; Saudi crimes package is such an influential issue which would only be reduced to mere bilateral conflict with attacking their embassy, absolutely without any concrete points for Iran in international community,” he emphasized.

“On severing of political relations with Iran by Saudi Arabia, we should tell them that the Islamic Republic of Iran would not be in need of a political relation with them and their imperialist patron states, and severing relations would not pose grave issues for us; we have been strong even without relying on other countries for years under international sanctions,” Ayatollah Amoli Larijani concluded.




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