Lifting sanctions imminent in two months

TEHRAN, Oct. 14 (MNA) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani ensured that sanctions would be removed in one or two months, in case all parties start implementing JCPOA.

In a televised interview carried on the national Channel One in late Tuesday, President Rouhani introduced general dimensions of his new economic policies package, prospects over sanction removal, development of relations with foreign countries and security in the region.

Given the issue of sanctions and their removal, the President ensured the sanctions would be removed, in case all parties start implementing JCPOA.

“One or two months later, sanctions will be lifted leading to new situations in the country,” Rouhani reiterated.

Rouhani ensured that Iran’s moving on the right economic path, giving the signal to the world that the threat of sanctions was not working.

He predicted that with the removal of sanctions following implementation of the nuclear Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, Iran's economy will see shining prospects next year and register sustainable growth.

Economic conditions of our country marked enemies that they can press us accordingly, Rouhani said, adding that they were aware of our dependency on oil and petrodollars.

“Consequently, enemies imposed sanctions on our oil and banking processes; Iran’s revenue from oil sales was 119 billion dollars in 2011 and fell to 72 billion dollar in 2014,” Rouhani underlined.

Referring to the plummeting crude oil prices in the global market as a calculated move to negatively influence Iran's economy during the talks, he added, it only led to prolonging the negotiations for another seven months.

President Rouhani further introduced general dimensions of the new economic policies package which will center on demand grow, rise in production, banking facilities, inflation control, and foreign investment.

Defending the performance of his government in the past two years, Rouhani said the achievements were gained despite pressures of unprecedented banking, commercial, and diplomatic sanctions against Iran's peaceful nuclear program.

On foreign investment in the wake of the removal of sanctions, Rouhani said government will continue its support to the Iranian business people and commercial activists.

He reiterated that international cooperation will be very useful too. “After sanctions are lifted, we can walk to the international cooperation and competition.”

“Iran’s non-oil exports to the neighboring countries is growing; we hope to enjoy good relations with all neighbors in the not too distant future,” he added.

Considering the regional issues, Rouhani urged regional countries - which are Islamic- to strive for economic prosperity, since it is the basis for the fight against terrorism. “We hope to see a more secure world,” Rouhani reiterated.

To secure stability, establish security, and encourage participation for development in the region, we need to take countless measures.

Noting the deadly incident of Mina, President Hassan Rouhani said Iranian nation is filled with sorrow over the tragic event occurred during Hajj rituals this year.

Calling the incident an indication of Saudi rulers’ imprudence, Rouhani said Iran has called for identification of the causes behind the tragedy which claimed the lives of thousands of pilgrims including hundreds of Iranian nationals in Saudi Arabia.

Rouhani asserted that the causes behind the painful tragedy have to be identified and explained to the public opinion in the world and in Iran.

Expressing his condolences with the bereaved families of some 400 Iranian victims, Rouhani said pilgrims need to feel safe over future Hajj ceremonies.




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    • Sam 21:35 - 2015/10/14
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      Chamber of Commerce is celebrating. Now they get to sell to Iran. Oh, y'all didn't know that's why every Republican except for Tom Cotton voted for the Iran deal and then pretended like they didn't? The Chamber of Commerce told Republicans they can pretend to oppose the deal, as long as they didn't stop it from going through. And they all jumped to their paymasters' bidding. Including Ted Cruz.