Choked by smug, Ahvaz now in critical conditions

AHVAZ, Jan. 31 (MNA) –The head of Department of Environment National Climate Center has said polluting particles in Ahvaz have suffocated the city.

Masoud Zandi told Mehr News local correspondent that the city’s air pollution was short of ‘critical conditions’ of last Thursday when the number of particles exceeded 10,000 micrograms per cubic meters; “now, the city’s air is very unhealthy to breathe, and the amount of the polluters are still increasing in the suffocating air,” he said.

“In some hours of Friday, the city had a chance to see clean air; however, this was short-lived, since the highly polluted air choked the city afterwards,” he added.

Zandi said that the current source of the pollution in Ahvaz was particles with domestic origin; “the pollution now is drastically different than last year’s pollution, which was originated in swarm of particles from Iraq; now however, it has a domestic source,” he asserted, assigning very low precipitation in the province a quota in the pollution.

“The conditions are highly unhealthy for people; all government institutions responsible for meeting the challenge of finding and controlling the sources of the particles know their duties; however, the resources necessary for the implementation of plans have not been yet allocated,” said the head of the Center. “Since 2009, about 200,000 hectares of land domestic origin of particles have been allocated necessary resources; however, with shortage of these resources, only 8,000 hectares of the land have been treated for stabilization,” Zandi noted.

The local government authorities were impelled to announce that all educational centers including schools and universities of Ahvaz are closed to avoid damage from highly polluted air. On Saturday, schools in Ahvaz, Dezful, Andimeshk, Shoush, Shoushtar, Mahshahr, Gotvand, Sousangerd, Hendijan, Hamidiyeh, Karoun, Bavi, and Hoveizeh were announced closed.




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