TEHRAN, June 7 (MNA) – Iran has developed its first 'national flu vaccine;' it awaits ultimate tests in the ministry of Health.

The project was funded by President's science and technology deputy and will provide the public with domestic flu vaccines after getting necessary permissions.

The product will finalize in future few months and will rule out the imports of foreign products. In the past, the government and private sector had imported more than 1-1.5 million doses of flu vaccines, which amounted to $ 9m, which would be saved with the industrial production of domestic flu vaccines.

Esmail Saberfar, the directing manager of the knowledge-based firm which developed the vaccines, said that the product was in the final testing by the Ministry of Health. "By the coming July, the Ministry will have time for testing and evaluating the product, and if eligible, it will issue permits for the product to be brought to the market. It will have the identical quality as the foreign product," he added.

The project manager highlighted the funding of the project by President's science and technology deputy. "The project is worth $ 4.7m, and created 60 new jobs," he added, and that "the firm is prepared to develop vaccines for rabies."

"The firm has the necessary infrastructure, and could launch the project with mere $ 2.5m and two years for development of the vaccine; other companies given a figure of $ 12.5m and 4 years for implementing the plan," asserted the firm head.

"Our firm would also develop polio vaccines in a 4-year period and a fund of $ 7.8m, thus eliminating the need for importing the product," Saberfar said.


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