TEHRAN June 29 (MNA) -- The Italian publisher Laterza published a book entitled “Introduction to Islamic Philosophy” authored by Massimo Campanini, a Department of Philosophy professor at the state University of Milan in Italy.

The first three chapters of the book deal with a paradigm for Islamic philosophy.


Chapter one is a short survey of the historical development of Islamic philosophy from the Mu'tazilites to Ibn Khaldun, while the second chapter defines Islamic philosophy critically, analyzing the meaning of philosophy in the Arab and Islamic world during the Middle Ages. A study of the schools of philosophy in the third chapter examines the main overall keys of interpretation in Islamic philosophy.


The second section of the book delves into the most important issues in Islamic philosophy; surveying the Oneness of God referring to the Islamic theories of towhid (monotheism) from the Mu'tazilites' negative theology to the neo-platonic God of al-Farabi and Avicenna to al- Ghazali's Light of the Lights in its first chapter, followed by the structure of universe in the second.


Human intellect, freedom and necessity in God's action, ethics and politics with an emphasis on God's justice, are the other issues highlighted.


Massimo has already published numerous articles and books on Islamic philosophy.



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