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Op. in N 1948-occupied land natural response to Israel crimes

Op. in N 1948-occupied land natural response to Israel crimes

TEHRAN, Jul. 04 (MNA) – Hamas and other Palestinian resistance factions have hailed a successful operation by fellow fighters in north of the 1948 occupied territories.

Israeli sources said an attacker stabbed two people at an Israeli mall in the northern town of Karmiel, killing one and seriously injuring the other before authorities shot him.

The two people were said to be settlers from a nearby settlement.

In a statement on Wednesday, Hamas said the operation was a natural response to the crimes of the Zionist regime against the Palestinian people.

“We call upon our heroic people to escalate resistance and engage with the criminal enemy soldiers and their terrorist settlers everywhere, and to continue confronting the occupation’s plans aiming to liquidate our cause and undermine our rights.”

“We affirm that the courageous resistance operations, which have inflicted heavy casualties on the occupation in Tulkarem, Jenin, and the occupied interior, and humiliated its army in Gaza as part of the heroic Al-Aqsa battle, are the means to respond to this criminal occupation and to defend the legitimate rights of our Palestinian people to liberate their land, restore their sanctities, and determine their destiny.”

Fatah al-Intifada Movement said the operation expresses our people's determination to uproot the criminal occupying regime from Palestinian land.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine also praised the operation, saying it proves the resistance's long reach and its ability to strike deep into Zionist territory.

“This heroic operation sends a strong and clear message to the leaders of the occupation that the resistance possesses the capability and will to reach deep into occupied territories and carry out significant operations despite all the security measures and fortifications taken by the Zionist occupation.”

“The operation reaffirms the fragility of Zionist security, which has once again been exposed by the capability and bravery of the resistance. The resistance has proven that its reach is long and can access every inch of our occupied land, delivering painful blows to the heart of the Zionist entity.”

The Popular Front said resistance will continue to strike the enemy anywhere anytime.

“It will not stand idly by in the face of the ongoing crimes of the occupation against our people. The Zionist enemy should expect more significant and powerful operations that will shake its foundations and strike its strategic depth.”


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