Jun 1, 2024, 11:26 PM

US-UK aggression won’t go unanswered: Yemen

US-UK aggression won’t go unanswered: Yemen

TEHRAN, Jun. 01 (MNA) – Yemen’s Supreme Political Council has said that the latest fatal attacks by the United States and the UK against Yemeni soil will not go unanswered.

After the Saturday meeting of the Supreme Political Council of Yemeni Sanaa government, which took place a day after the US and the UK attacked several locations across Yemen, the council announced that the latest act of aggression by the two Western states will receive a decisive and deterrent response from Yemen.

The council also promised that Yemen will continue to support the Palestinian people in Gaza until the Israeli regime stops its war there and lifts its blockade of the territory.

That was in reference to the military operations that the Yemeni armed forces have been conducting in the high seas since November, targeting Israeli ships or the vessels heading toward ports in the occupied territories.

Amid those operations, the US and UK started to conduct airstrikes on Yemen for what they claim to be protecting international shipping.

Yemen has rejected their claim, saying that the two Western states aim to provide the Israeli regime with more support in its war on Gaza.


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