May 26, 2024, 3:46 PM

Hezbollah targets Israeli Al-Abad, Jal al-Allam sites

Hezbollah targets Israeli Al-Abad, Jal al-Allam sites

TEHRAN, May 26 (MNA) – The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon, Hezbollah targeted the Jal al-Allam and Al-Abad sites with rockets and artillery attacks in the north of Occupied Palestine.

The Islamic Resistance of Lebanon's Hezbollah issued two statements, announcing that it targeted two military bases of the Zionist regime in the north of occupied Palestine Sunday morning.

To support the steadfast Palestinian nation in the Gaza Strip and its brave and noble resistance, the Islamic Peace Resistance targeted the technical equipment of the Zionist regime's Al-Abad base with appropriate weapons and destroyed this equipment.

The Resistance forces also targeted the Jal al-Allam base and the gathering center of the occupying forces with rocket weapons and artillery around this base and inflicted definite damage on them.

Zionist media also reported that a barrage of some 15 rockets was launched from Lebanon at the Western Galilee in northern occupied lands.


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