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US forces must leave, one way or another: Iraqi MP

US forces must leave, one way or another: Iraqi MP

TEHRAN, Jan. 27 (MNA) – The Head of the Rights Movement party and member of the Iraqi Parliament has emphasized the necessity of the United States withdrawing its forces from Iraq so that the country could be liberated from Washington's hegemony.

In an exclusive interview with Al Mayadeen on Friday, Hussein Mouanes said the sanctions are a source of "pride and honor." He also pointed out that the US resorting to imposing sanctions reflects "American arrogance and disregard for Iraq and a violation of its sovereignty."

Addressing the US' influence on Iraq's economy, the MP said the US today has "dominance, control and mandate" over the country. He emphasized his call for the withdrawal of US forces and the liberation of Iraq from economic dominance, stressing that there is "no turning back from this" stance.

Regarding the strategies to counter Washington's mandate, he disclosed that they have demanded and taken "various measures to break free from the dominance of the US dollar, diversify currencies, and strengthen the Iraqi dinar," emphasizing that all the necessary tools are available to implement this decision. He also reiterated that Iraq now possesses regular sources of financial income across all regional countries.

On US forces leaving the country, Mouanes pointed out that there may not necessarily be a consensus on withdrawing US forces, but a majority is required. This majority was achieved through a resolution passed by the Iraqi Parliament on January 5, 2020, which directed the government to demand their withdrawal.

"There will be no sovereignty in the country as long as there is power with authority higher than that of the government." He also confirmed that through the Iraqi-American bilateral committee and elsewhere, the US forces must be withdrawn from Iraqi territory one way or another.

Mouanes pointed out that the United States nurtured and developed terrorist threats and groups such as ISIS, while they were investors in this terrorism. They used the group as a pretext to bring their forces into Iraq so they could safeguard their interests and the security of "Israel", he continued.

Over the past two months, the United States carried out several strikes against Iraqi factions of the Popular Mobilization Forces PMF - a governmental security apparatus - including one that targeted a site belonging to the Defense Ministry. Several Iraqi citizens were killed in the attacks.

The aggressions came after the Islamic Resistance in Iraq launched a phase of operations against Israeli targets and US forces in Iraq and Syria, in response to the ongoing Israeli genocide in Gaza and Washington's direct involvement in it.

Commenting on the US attacks, the legislator said the "bombing of a government institution and the killing of government officials in the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) is an act of recklessness, disdain, and aggression."

Regarding the US Embassy in Iraq, he reiterated that it has turned into a military barracks, describing it as the largest embassy and the largest diplomatic mission in the world.

Mouanes pointed out that the embassy while housing the diplomatic mission, functions as a military barracks and hosts spying and espionage devices.

On the proposal for a ceasefire between the US military and the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, he said, "The term trice sounds meaningless to me, as there is an occupation and a people who reject it."

Regarding the impact of the US forces' departure on the security aspect, he affirmed that the Iraqi army, the armed forces, and the PMF are in their best condition today.

Elsewhere in the interview, Mouanes said the Israeli Mossad spy agency has a presence in Baghdad and the Iraqi Kurdistan region, under the cover of civil society organizations, economic and security companies, and embassies.

According to the MP, the next step after "expelling the US" is to call for the formation of an alliance of all countries opposing "Israel" to counteract Mossad infiltration.

In conclusion, he stated that "Iraq is in danger, and [we] are committed to reclaiming sovereignty, regardless of who agrees or disagrees."

"We are moving toward reclaiming the sovereignty of the country, preserving it, and expelling this vile American presence."


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