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Nigerian cleric warns of global threat of Zionism

Nigerian cleric warns of global threat of Zionism

TEHRAN, Jan. 16 (MNA) – Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, a prominent Muslim scholar and the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, cautioned that those killing Palestinians might extend their aggression to the whole world, seeking complete control.

"Those fighting in Palestine are fighting not only for the liberation of Palestine but for the liberation of all the oppressed in the whole world," Zakzaky emphasized, during a Press TV interview. 

Regarding the ongoing Israeli war, Sheikh Zakzaky condemned the Israeli regime's atrocities, stating, "Their behavior is beyond that of beasts."

He emphasized that the Resistance groups engaged in the war with the Israeli regime are not only striving for the liberation of Palestine but also fighting for the freedom of oppressed people worldwide.

He suggested that those involved in the conflict represent the interests of every Muslim and, indeed, all humans. Furthermore, he warned that if the Zionists succeed in their actions against Muslims, they will likely extend their aggression to target other groups of people in the world as well.

Sheikh Zakzaky highlighted the disproportionate casualties, with 70% being women and children., expressing dismay at the silence of the international community.

Sheikh Zakzaky thanked people worldwide for supporting Palestine, noting significant demonstrations, even in the US and Europe.

Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, born in 1953, is a renowned Islamic scholar and leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. Raised by parents who were Islamic scholars, he memorized the Quran by age 14. Excelling in Arabic and Islamic studies, he later studied economics and government. Amidst global activism in the 1970s, he advocated Islam as a comprehensive way of life. Zakzaky founded the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in the 1980s, starting small but now boasting millions of diverse followers, including Christians and individuals of various religious backgrounds.


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