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Iran likens Netanyahu’s speech at UN to ‘comedy show’

Iran likens Netanyahu’s speech at UN to ‘comedy show’

TEHRAN, Sep. 23 (MNA) – Iran’s diplomatic delegation at the UN has dismissed as a “comedy show” the Israeli prime minister’s baseless allegations against Iran’s peaceful nuclear program and its regional activities at UN General Assembly's meeting.

Iran’s diplomatic delegation at the UN has dismissed as a “comedy show” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s baseless allegations against the Islamic Republic’s peaceful nuclear program and its regional activities at the 78th session of the UN General Assembly.

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s delegation made the remark in a statement on Saturday after Netanyahu rambled on about the “curse of a nuclear Iran” during his address at the world body and accused Tehran of spending “billions to arm its terror proxies.”

Netanyahu also boasted about a “New Middle East” that would take shape after the scandalous Abraham Accords, which he claimed would bring “Arabs and Jews closer together” and usher in dramatic changes in the region.

“The baseless allegations made by Israeli officials no longer fool anyone. Iranophobic campaigns and widespread systematic dissemination of disinformation and unfounded allegations against Iran have always been one of the main elements of statements—or better to say, comedy shows—made by the Israeli authorities in this august body,” the Iranian delegation said.

“The regime attempts to portray Iran’s conventional weapon capabilities or its exclusively peaceful nuclear program, one that is under the most robust verification of the International Atomic Energy Agency, as a challenge to regional stability; this is but a hypocritical move to distract from the real danger this regime poses to regional peace and security, particularly its nuclear-weapon arsenals, clandestine and unsafeguarded nuclear installations and activities,” the statement added.

It also stressed that the Israeli regime has a dark and long record of harboring, financing, inducing and arming the most dangerous terrorist networks.

“The repulsive Israeli occupation has brought many crises and instability throughout the region. As such, it is ironic that the prime minister of the Israeli regime spoke about developing a regional peace initiative while his bloodthirsty regime plans to annex even more of the already occupied Palestinian territories,” the statement noted.

The delegation also rejected Netanyahu’s allegation about the use of Iranian drones in the Ukraine war, saying, “Such baseless allegations, which are solely based on false flags and fabricated assumptions, are nothing more than a propaganda apparatus launched by certain States to further their political agenda.”

The statement underlined that Israel possesses all types of weapons of mass destruction and continues to endanger peace and security in the region and beyond.

Reacting to the Israeli threats of using military force against Iran, the delegation said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran reserves its inherent right to self-defense, under international law and the United Nations Charter, to decisively respond to any threat or wrongful act perpetrated by the Israeli regime.”

The Iranian delegation also censured Israel’s destabilizing policies and practices, saying the regime continues to commit crimes for over seven decades against the Palestinians “in flagrant violation of the basic principles of morality, humanity and the rules of international law.”

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