Threatening Iran ambassador to Denmark with cold weapon

TEHRAN, Oct. 09 (MNA) – A few days ago, a terrorist attacked the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Danish capital of Copenhagen, entered the Iranian embassy with a cold weapon, and threatened Iranian envoy Afshaneh Nadipour.

This indecent act should be recorded in the political history of Europe.

Based on the provisions of the Vienna Convention, diplomatic places and property have immunity, and it is not clear why such negligence was done by the Copenhagen government. European countries, especially members of the European Union, despite the fact that they repeatedly pretend to implement international regulations and standards and say that other countries do not comply with these standards; But these countries themselves, unfortunately, do not adhere to these regulations in any way, especially regarding the protection of diplomatic places and diplomats.

In relation to the riots of the past weeks in Iran and the attack of anti-revolutionary elements on the Iranian diplomatic places in some European countries, which are mostly terrorist elements and should not be present in European countries, the attack of these people on Iranian embassies was met with indifference by the European officials.

Among the Europeans, Scandinavian countries, including Denmark, claim to adhere to international laws and respect human rights more than others and hold numerous seminars in this regard. But unfortunately, we see that they do not implement these things in practice, and it is Iran that should claim and ask these countries to adhere to international standards.

The issue of diplomatic immunity has existed throughout history, and we have witnessed the immunity of diplomats and ambassadors in the days of Islam and before Islam, and during the Renaissance, the Europeans claimed this issue, but unfortunately, the various attacks on Iranian embassies show that the Europeans are only making a gesture of complying with these standards.

 Apart from that, in recent days, we have witnessed the interference of Europeans in Iran's internal affairs, who supported the rioters who wanted to turn the peaceful movement of the protesters into violent movements, and even threatened Iran with sanctions and allowed Iran's diplomatic places to be attacked. 

Europe's indifference to the immunity of diplomatic places is internationally rejected and condemnable. It is necessary for the United Nations and other international institutions to condemn the actions against the international standards of these countries by adhering to the regulations that they have established themselves.

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